The crossbow movement continues to sweep the country. They’re legal for hunting in varying degrees in 49 states. More hunters are giving them a shot for fun and practical reasons, and their short arrows are a staple that crossbow hunters repeatedly buy. Crossbow arrows feature the same technology used in full-length arrows for compounds and recurves, which means incredible speeds, accuracy and spine/weight tolerances. High quality arrows are essential for safe and fun operation and also allow crossbows to perform at ideal levels of power and speed. Here’s a brief overview of some of the best crossbow arrows on the market.


Mission Archery
Mission bolt_WR

Mission crossbow arrows have been specifically designed to be the best performing arrow for MXB crossbows. They are weight matched and utilize brass inserts, half-moon aluminum nocks, and 100% carbon shafts. They’re the strongest and most accurate arrow for the MXB.

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Easton XX75® MAGNUM_WR

XX75 Magnum

This bolt provides the dependability of the XX75 series in a crossbow bolt. It’s constructed with 7075-T9 alloy, has a hard-anodized finish, and a tensile strength of 96,000 (psi).

Lengths: 20″ – 2216, 2219 & 22″ – 2219

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Carbon Express


Gameslayer T6 Aluminum Crossbolt

The GameSlayer is the heaviest crossbow bolt in the Carbon Express lineup. The aluminum alloy material and super-high tensile strength gives hunters the confidence they need to take down big game in any environment. A 6-pack of these crossbow bolts includes inserted moon nocks, plus 6 universal flat nocks. It comes in 20 and 22 inches.

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Parker Bows

Parker RedHot

Hunter Crossbow Arrows

The Hunter crossbow arrows are top quality carbon arrows made to handle the punishing speed and power of today’s crossbows. Parker crossbow arrows come fully equipped with patented capture nocks as an added level of safety and performance. Capture nocks are an excellent way to ensure that critical string-to-nock connection is consistent every time.


  • 100% Wrapped carbon construction for extreme strength and durability
  • RED HOT Capture Nock for Safety and Accuracy
  • Press fit Capture Nock Design
  • Heavy-Duti Weight Forward Brass Insert

Fits the following crossbow brands that require 20 inch arrows:

  • Barnett
  • Carbon Express
  • Darton
  • Excalibur
  • Parker
  • Ten Point
  • Wicked Ridge


Overall Length: 20.75″ (with nock & insert)

Inside Diameter: .300″

Tolerance: +/- .004″

Mass Weight: 300 grains (w/o point)

Grains per inch: 7.4 (shaft only)

Insert: Heavy-Duti Brass Insert

Nock: RED HOT Capture Nocks

Vanes: 3″ Vane

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Bear Archery

Bear Archery Insidious


The Insidious includes rugged 10.7 gpi, woven-carbon structure, making it tough as nails with exceptional +/- .001-inch straightness tolerances. Insidious bolts also carry 52-grain ArmorTough inserts that withstand hard impacts. They’re sold in six packs and 309-grain finished weight 20-inch, or 330-grain finished weight 22-inch lengths, which hold 3-inch vanes and half-moon nocks. For more information visit

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TenPoint Crossbow Technologies


Pro Lite Carbon Crossbow Arrows

The Pro Lite 20-inch 22/64ths diameter Easton carbon fiber arrow is fletched slightly offset with Arizona Archery Enterprises, Inc. EP-40 Elite Plastifletch 3 7/8″ vanes. It is fitted with a 25-grain aluminum insert and TenPoint’s neon green Superbrite Omni-Nock. It weighs 370 grains, and it available in a 3- or 6-pack.

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Horton Crossbow Innovations

Horton Omni Brite

Horton Omni-Brite 2.0 Lighted Arrows

The Victory 20-inch, carbon arrow is fletched slightly offset with 3-inch Fusion Shield cut Q21 vanes fitted with an 87-grain brass insert and neon green Omni-Brite® nock.

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Bloodsport Hunter

Bloodsport Hunter

A Bloodsport original, the Hunter crossbow arrow doesn’t sacrifice quality and precision at the expense of the consumer’s dollar. The Hunter crossbow arrow is a standard diameter arrow made of 100% carbon and built with the Rugged Wrap construction process to create an arrow suitable for all hunters alike. Includes half-moon and flat nocks.


  • Lengths: 20”, 22”
  • Equipped with the Blood Ring
  • +/- .003 inch straightness tolerances
  • 0.3 inch inner diameter
  • 0.344 outer diameter
  • Mass weight: 325 grains

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