Sight Roundup: 2017 Bow Sights

.30-06 Outdoors Longitude

2017 Bow Sights

The Longitude Bow Sight has a lot of unique features that help bowhunters zero-in with ease. A signature drive-shaft system allows shooters to readjust their yardage without disconnecting their release from the D-loop. The extra-long dovetail rail also provides excellent peep and sight housing adjustment. The Longitude has a magnifier so bowhunters can easily read yardage marks, and .019-inch fiber-optic pins and a sight light create all the brightness one needs. The Longitude also comes with one- and three-pin heads that can be quickly swapped. Learn more at









Copper John TST

2017 Bow Sights


Copper John took a unique approach to combat bow-torque with its Torque Synchronizing Technology, or TST. This sight is mounted on the inside of the riser, instead of the outside. That means when a bow equipped with the TST is torqued, the pin tips and arrow tip move in the same direction. It doesn’t eliminate torque, but it neutralizes its effect on aiming. It works for horizontal (twisting) and vertical (healing) torque. The TST is available in three- and five-pin versions and holds pins with .019-inch optic-fibers. It also comes standard with micro adjustable windage and elevation, as well as a fully integrated second- and third-axis adjustable level assembly. Learn more at












E-Z-V Sight

2017 Bow Sights

The revolutionary E-Z-V Sight uses a unique system to deliver quick, amazing accuracy. It has no pins, and seeks to eliminate the need for a rangefinder. The signature “V” shape of the sight is calibrated to the average fps of the desired bow/arrow setup. The unique V shape was also meticulously engineered to frame an animal’s vitals at varying distances. Since the sight is uniquely calibrated to their bow, and the V-shape determines the distance of the animal based off its relative size in the sight, bowhunters only need to frame an animal’s ribcage within the V, center it on the vitals and release. See Industry 5Q on page 74 and visit to learn more.









Sword Sights Judge Pro

2017 Bow Sights

The Judge Pro is Sword Sights’ latest single vertical-pin design. The Judge features 100 percent CNC-milled T6061 aluminum construction, tool-less micro-adjustable elevation and windage via Sword Fast Track Elevation Technology, second- and third-axis adjustability, .010- or .019-inch pins and laser-etched elevation and windage scales. It also has a high and low sight-mounting system with built-in offset for an extended sight window, a 6-inch Dovetail bar, and comes with a three-stage rheostat LED light kit and yardage tape. Learn more at









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