Target Bows


The technology behind bow shootability and accuracy continues to march forward, and that has huge implications for target shooting. Almost every major bow manufacturer has a model dedicated to target shooting, and there are many updated and brand new models for 2017. Here’s a look at some of today’s top compound target bows. They’ll be sure to turn heads and sink bullseyes throughout the year and beyond.

Target Bows


Mathews considers the 2017 HALON X Comp its our most versatile target bow to date. Featuring a new generation of the perimeter-weighted Mini-Crosscentric Cam and Mathews highly efficient AVS technology, the HALON X Comp produces speeds up to 330 feet per second. A true-center nocking point ensures straight and level nock travel, further enhancing shot-to-shot consistency. At 37 inches axle-to-axle, a 7 inch brace height and a peak draw length of 32 inches the HALON X Comp is designed to accommodate long draw archers and provide optimal stability. It also comes standard with Harmonic Damping to reduce post-shot vibration.

Finishes: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Stone


LET OFF:   75%



DRAW WEIGHT:   50, 60, 70



DRAW LENGTHS:   26″-32″

MSRP:   $1,399

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Target Bows

Hoyt Pro Defiant 34


Although this bow wasn’t designed for exclusive use on the range, the Hoyt Pro Defiant 34 offers a handful of technology that make it an excellent option for hardcore target shooting. Those engineering benefits include:

  • Offset Riser Technology that kills vibration and adds strength and stiffness.
  • The smooth, fast and powerful DFX Cam & ½ system.
  • Dual Cable Stops for a solid back wall.
  • An optional limb stop that provides a no-play back wall, for customizable comfort and consistency.
  • Rotating cam modules, allowing easy adjustment without module replacement or a bow press.
  • Multilayer laminate UltraFlex limbs.
  • A zero-tolerance limb-to-pocket connection for precision and accuracy.
  • The Zero Torque Cable Guard system, which eliminates torque for dead-on alignment.
  • Synergy between DFX cams and UltraFlex limbs, increasing the axle-to-axle measurement at full draw, and improving form, comfort and accuracy. Hoyt believes this makes the Pro Defiant 34 perform like a 37-inch dream bow.


Draw Length Options for Each Cam Size:   25-27 inches, 27-29 inches,  29-31 inches

ATA/IBO Speed:   325 FPS

Brace Height:   7 inches

Mass Weight:   4.7 pounds

Axle to Axle:   34 inches

Letoff %:   75% / 65%

Mass Weight:   4.7 pounds

Draw Weight Ranges:   30-40#, 40-50#, 50-60#, 55-65#, 60-70#, 70-80#


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Target Bows

Bear LST

The all new Bear LST is a target bow built for accuracy and comfort with an easy draw for consistency and repetition. Notable features include:

  • HST Hybrid Cam System with DrawDialTM modules offers an ultra-smooth draw cycle while delivering consistent speed and accuracy
  • Max-preload quad limbs for proven power
  • Carbon Crosslock limb pocket provides maximum strength at key points while shedding unnecessary weight
  • High strength barrel nut for fully adjustable pivoting movement of limb pocket
  • Bi-Dimensionally adjustable top and bottom SonicStop offset string suppressors
  • SonicBonds and Sonicknots absorb vibration and sound


  • Axle to Axle: 37-1/2 inches
  • IBO Speed: 320 fps
  • Brace Height: 7-1/2 inches
  • Let Off: 70%
  • Mass Weight: 4.5 pounds
  • Draw Length: 26-1/2-30 inches
  • Peak Draw Weight: 45-60, 55-70 pounds
  • Finishes: Blue, Silver

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Target Bows

Elite Revol

Elite Archery strives to define itself by ‘shootability” above everything else. With that in mind, every single one of Elite’s bows would be a great option for the range and field alike. However, the amazing features of the Revol model make it an amazing bow for tournament shooting. It measures 35 inches axle to axle, has a 7-inch brace height, and comes equipped with Elite’s amazing 2017 features:

  • 7075 T-6 Aluminum riser for increased stiffness and strength
  • Dual riser cage, which increase riser strength, stiffness, and reduces vibration.
  • Patented Linear Tunable Roller Guard for increased cable life, the ability to dial in your fletching clearance and adjust the tuning of your bow by applying more or less lateral tension to the cables, and a smoother draw cycle.
  • Double laminated split limbs for improved speed, reduced noise and vibration, and improved strength and durability



Axle-Axle:   35 1/8″ +/- .125 inches

Brace:    7” +/- .125 inches

String:   59 3/4 inches

Cable:   39 inches

Centershot:   13/16 – 7/8 inches

Mass Weight:   4.3 pounds

Peak Weights:   50, 60, 65, 70, 80

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Target BowsPSE Supra EXT 2017

The PSE Supra EXT enjoyed great success in the outdoor target shooting world last year, and it’s back and better than ever for 2017.

It features PSE’s revolutionary new Wide-Track Target Limbs, new RollerGlide cable guard, and TRS cable slide to eliminate friction and torque. With its forged riser and Drive style cam, the Supra EXT provides a stable, rigid, and silky smooth shot with a 75- and 65-percet let-off, while the Wedge Lock limb pocket and improved Micro Adjust Lateral Adjustment System allow for fast, easy adjustment with its elegant lead-screw design.


Draw Weight:   40, 50, 60, 70

ATA/IBO Speed:   325-317

Brace Height:   7 inches

Draw Length Range:   25 – 30 1/2 inches

Axle to Axle:   37 inches

Letoff %:   75% / 65%

Max. Limb Bolt Turns:   13

Mass Weight:   4.7 pounds

Colors:   Mossy Oak Country, Black Onyx, Admiral Blue, Scarlet Red, Imperial Purple, Electric Lime, Platinum, Pearl White, High Voltage Yellow

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Target BowsNew Breed CYBORG 2

New Breed Archery has been working to create the ultimate target bow for eight years. The result is the Cyborg 2. This bow combines the proven features of the Cyborg and the innovative features of the Elevation. New Breed gave the Cyborg 2 a considerable 37-inch axle-to-axle length, with a super-smooth draw cycle and a forgiving 7¾-inch brace height for nail-driving accuracy. Strategically placed limb and cable stops deliver a rock solid back wall and aid in tuning of the bow. The torqueless-free grip with Bowjax dampening inserts is set in-line so the limb pivots off the riser, giving it the extra increase in accuracy needed for serious tournament competition.

The Cyborg 2 features a unique hybrid riser that allows for no hand shock and features a new gusset brace fluted riser design made with the highest grade aircraft aluminum. The short limb configuration and all new Bionix Two Track 2.5 dual cam-to-cam modular system round out the package for unbelievable stability and accuracy.

Shooters also will like the secondary rear stabilizer insert which allows for easy installation of back weights, offset bars or a full set of rear-mounted V-Bars. There’s no doubt this bow is built to meet your individual bow balancing needs. And, like all New Breed bows, the Cyborg 2 is made in the United States and hand assembled by one person from start to finish, using only the highest quality parts available. No mass-produced assembly lines means a better quality finished product.

From the new hybrid cable slide system to all titanium and stainless steel hardware, prepare to rise to the top of your game with the New Breed Cyborg 2!


ATA/IBO RATING: Up to 325 fps (30″ – 70lb)

BRACE HEIGHT: 7¾ inches

AXLE-TO-AXLE: 37 inches

DRAW WEIGHT: 40, 50, 60, 65 & 70 lb. (max weight)

DRAW LENGTH: 25-33 inches

BOW WEIGHT: 4.3 pounds

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