2019 Fall Buyers Guide

Whitetailed deer bedded down

.30-06 Outdoors – Black Ice Dry Glide

Black Ice Dry Glide Crossbow Lubricant is a new dry application process for crossbow lubrication and maintenance by. The “Dry Glide” feature is more commonly associated with firearm maintenance products but is now being applied to archery crossbows with aluminum rails. Traditional rail lubricants scrape the lube along the rail and dump it into the trigger assembly every time you draw back your bowstring.  Black Ice is formulated to apply wet and air dry in under 10 seconds, leaving nothing behind that can jam your trigger assembly. Its formula also prevents the collection of dust and debris along the crossbow rail, and leaves behind only the look of “Black Ice” as evidence. Black Ice is 100% odorless when dry and it’s made in America. Simply run the applicator along each side of the crossbow rail, wiping any excess off with a cloth. It features easy-to-use dauber applicator, and the bottle holds .25oz of fluid lasting 1000+ shots. Learn more at 30-06outdoors.com.

America’s Best Bowstrings – Pursuit-X Series Crossbow Strings

America’s Best Bowstrings Pursuit-X Series is a great custom string upgrade for just about any crossbow archer. These bowstrings are precision built from high quality BCY 8125 material and utilizes a pre-stretching process that results in your crossbow holding it’s tune for consistent and accurate shot placement giving archers a peace of mind. The Pursuit-X Series also features ABB Dura-Serve Technology which is an enhancement developed to fix the massive wear issues found with most crossbow center servings while also extending the life of the string. America’s Best Bowstrings Pursuit-X Series is available for custom build in over 50 color combinations. Learn more at americasbestbowstrings.com.

Barnett – HyperGhost 425

The HyperGhost 425 has an updated stock with a step-through riser, and it comes with three HyperFlite bolts with a .204-inch diameter. HyperFlite bolts were designed exclusively for the Hyper Series crossbows, and they deliver improved penetration. The Retractable Underarm Counter Balance Support hooks under the shooter’s arm to offer added steadiness during the shot. It also has a Soft Lok floating bristle bolt retainer, anti-vibration technology limbs, TriggerTech Frictionless Release Technology with anti-dry-fire mechanism, CNC-milled aluminum flight track, four Picatinny rails, factory-installed string dampeners and more. It has an incredible 16 1/3-inch power stroke, 206-pound draw weight and 425 fps speed. It includes a 1.5-5×32 mm illuminated scope, measures 36.25-by-20 3/8 inches and weighs 7.7 pounds. Learn more at barnettcrossbows.com.

BCY – X99

BCY is a definitive leader in the bowstring world, and the company’s new X-99 is a solid testament to that long and renowned legacy. The X-99 combines all the benefits and performance of the proven 452X and 8190 blends. Its patented construction of SK99 Dyneema and Vectran delivers incredibly low creep, high strength and plenty of speed. The X-99 is also a great match for the compound and recurve bows. Learn more at bcyfibers.com.

Bear Archery – EKO Cam System

Bear Archery announced the launch of its most revolutionary and highest let off cam system yet, the EKO Cam System. With up to 90% let off, the EKO Cam System allows the user to pick their preferred let off with four different positions at 75%, 80%, 85%, or 90% at each draw length without sacrificing performance. The EKO Cam System uses a rotating module for draw length adjustment and can be made without the use of a bow press. The EKO Cam System utilizes an all-new 3-track modular 2-cam system to create an Equalized Kinetic Orientation (EKO) for perfect cam synchronization with every shot. Each track is designed to help eliminate cam lean while producing precise, consistent performance. The revolutionary Spiral Cable Track keeps the payload right on track, preventing cam lean. The EKO Cam System is available on two bows in the 2020 compound bow lineup, the Status EKO and Divergent EKO. The Status EKO is included in Bear’s Legend Series, an exclusive dealer-only line of five ultra-competitive compound bows. Learn more at beararchery.com

Bohning Company – Multi-Fletcher

The Multi-Fletcher is a fletching jig made for archers who build their own arrows and expect perfection. It is composed of a stainless steel frame capable of fletching 1° to 3° right or left and straight. The Multi-Fletcher is fully adjustable to accommodate all arrow diameters. No need to worry about dirty or sticky clamps because they are easily cleaned with acetone to remove glue. The Snap-lock easy-change clamps provide superior adhesion force to ensure consistent angles on your arrows. Perfectly align you’re your arrows with Bohning’s Multi-Fletcher. Learn more at bohning.com.

Browning Trail Camera – Strike Force HD Pro X

The 2019 Strike Force Pro X is a reconstructed and upgraded version of Browning’s popular Strike Force Pro. Its new and improved features include a 1.5-inch color view screen and an all-steel adjustable mounting bracket for easy installation in the field. Its powerful infrared illumination has three modes of operation (Power Save, Long Range and Fast Motion) so users can adjust settings for excellent nighttime images. The Strike Force Pro X has a .22-second trigger speed and a 120-foot flash range. Other features include SD card management, 900p video clips with sound and a unique “timelapse plus” feature.   The Strike Force HD Pro X is also compatible with up to 512 GB SDXC memory cards, and it’s equipped with a 12-volt external power jack. Learn more at browningtrailcameras.com

Buck Rub – Magne’ Drop Raven Claw

Buck Rub’s Magne’ Drop Raven Claw is a durable and innovative drop-away arrow rest, perfect for spot and stalk situations. The new Raven Claw launcher utilizes capture claws that fold flat for maximum clearance, while also securely containing the arrow without top bar interference. This new claw design firmly holds the arrow even with extreme upward pressure, and the forked launcher contains the arrow at extreme bow angles. There are powerful magnets that replace springs and trigger mechanisms to eliminate failure, bounce and contact. All arrow contact points are felt compatible for absolute silence, and it features a single screw for windage adjustments. It’s convertible right to left hand and adjustments for timing are made easy with compression sleeve system built into the rest. Tuning is a breeze with the Red Nyloc Elevation Adjustment Screw. Focus on the hunt, let Magne’ Drop handle the rest with Buck Rub’s Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Learn more at buckrubarchery.com.

Cuddeback – Dual Cell

The CuddeLink Dual Cell is Cuddeback’s most advanced trail camera, and it’s an equally great option for users who want to use a single camera, or up to 16. The Dual Cell uses Cuddeback’s revolutionary CuddeLink technology to create a network of cameras that all operate on a single $10 a month plan. The Dual Cell is equipped with no-glow “black flash infrared” and long range infrared for clean and undetectable image capturing. It has a quick .25-second trigger speed, and its super-fast recovery speed allows it to take two photos when other cameras could only capture one. Customers can also purchase the popular CuddeLink Cell Starter Kit 3+1, which includes a Dual Cell cam and three other CuddeLink Long Range IR Cameras, so users can easily get a network of four cameras up and running. Read more about Cuddeback and its amazing technology in this issue’s cover story on page 42, or learn more at cuddeback.com.

Dead Center Archery Products – Dead Silent Hunting Carbon V2 

The Dead Silent Hunting Carbon v2 Stabilizer was engineered for serious bowhunters by serious bowhunters to deliver ultimate stabilization and vibration dampening. It features a lightweight, rigid carbon rod and comes complete with two 1-ounce weights for a custom balanced feel. Dual O-Rings and stabilizer silencers give the Carbon v2 the vibration-killing properties that hunters demand. The Carbon V2 is available in 6-, 8- and 10-inch lengths. It comes in a variety of camo options and is 100 percent USA made. Learn more at deadcenterarchery.com.

Dead Down Wind – Dead Zone System

The Dead Down Wind™ Dead Zone System is designed by hunters for hunters. This compatible Ozone and Gear Bag System is where odor stops. Featuring a two-step cleaning process, the highest Ozone output on the market, and 360 degrees of Ozone circulation in a weatherproof bag. This system includes the Dead Zone Ozone Generator, Dead Zone Gear Bag, and the Dead Zone Recharge Pack. The Dead Zone Ozone Generator includes a Four Stage Ozone output for varying stages of scent elimination from 50 to 500 mg/hr. There are also dual output ports to allow for easy distribution from the front and sides of the unit. The 360 Circulation System is integrated tubing that circulates the Dead Zone Gear Bag to evenly distribute the ozone. The bag is designed to last and is made for the toughest terrain. The rechargeable detach battery last between 4 to 8 hours of continual use. The unit also includes a 110V / 12V DC charging adapter for your home or vehicle. Learn more at deaddownwind.comhttp://www.deaddownwind.com.

Dirt Nap – ALPHA 100/125 GRAIN

ALPHA is the latest broadhead from DirtNap Gear. Its all-steel design in a compact package makes the new ALPHA one tough head. Sporting a 1 1/4″ main blade with 5/8″ bleeder, this head combines strength, penetration and cutting diameter to pair well and achieve field point accuracy out of today’s fastest bows and crossbows. The blade is made of 420J2 stainless steel with .051 blade thickness and a stainless steel ferrule. The ALPHA features Dirt Nap’s patented 25-grain Modular Weight System so they can be shot as 100 or 125 grains. These broadheads come in a pack of three. Learn more at dirtnap.com.

Elevation – Canopy Tri-Zip

The same distinguished high quality and passion for innovation that Elevation has built a reputation on with their bow cases is now offered in a brand new 2019 Elevation Hunt pack line. The Canopy Tri-Zip 1200 optimizes ease of access and pack-ability. Vital hunting equipment is readily accessible via the perimeter wing pockets while the tri-zip main compartment offers unfettered access to stored gear. Exterior pack wings enable hunters to store all “hunt gear” on the outside of the pack. The adjustable yolk system and dual density shoulder straps offer custom comfort for carrying light to heavy loads for all physiques. All-terrain base is extremely durable, weather resistant, and cleans easy, keeping your pack in good condition when set down in wet and harsh environments. A bow haul system with cam cradle adds even more versatility for your treks through the woods. Learn more at elevationequipped.com.

Elevation – Suspense Bow Case

The Suspense is a truly revolutionary bow case. Drawing inspiration from the entire hunting experience, Elevation created an all-in-one solution for your ascent to the ultimate hunting location. This inventive design is highlighted by a garment section that detaches from the bow case and suspended from your truck door, fence, random branch, etc. The Suspense bow case comes with a standing mat for changing at the truck, so you can keep your feet clean and dry while hanging the garment bag over the truck door, making changing quick and easy. Learn more at elevationequipped.com.

Fletcher Archery – Precise and Precise Pro

Packed with innovative new technology and sporting a premium appearance, this complete makeover marks the beginning of a new era for Fletcher Archery. The Fletcher Precise and Precise Pro T handle releases feature an ergonomic 4-finger design and full 360-degree rotating head to eliminate torque on the D loop. Each one features infinite adjustability with the adjustable thumb trigger and caliper tension and includes a sling wrist strap. The Precise Pro features sear-style mechanism for a smooth and seamless release. Learn more at fletcherarchery.com.

Galaxy Archery – USRA Takedown Bow

The USRA Takedown Recurve Bow is a 62-inch, takedown bow that’s got the smooth power traditional archers crave. The high-speed, deflex limbs combine for fast, accurate arrow flight. Crafted of fine hardwoods, the riser comes with ¼-20 bushings for mounting a side quiver. It comes with a fast-flight Flemish string. This bow is part of Galaxy’s Classic Series of takedown recurves. Available in draw weights of 30-55 pounds, in 5-pound increments. It offers smooth power for traditional archers and bowhunters with high-speed black glass and a carbon, maple core for speed and stability. The USRA Takedown Bow features a radiused shelf, reinforced limb tips and weighs a mere 2.2 pounds. Learn more at galaxyarchery.com.

Ghostblind – Phantom

GhostBlind designs are nothing short of revolutionary. They use patented, reflective panels tilted forward reflecting the ground eliminating any reflection to mimic any surrounding and blend seamlessly. Blind panels tilt outward to reflect the ground, eliminating sun reflection and preventing game from seeing their own reflection. For 2019 GhostBlind introduced the GhostBlind Phantom, which was designed specifically for crossbow hunters. The GhostBlind Phantom is constructed with twin-wall waterproof and shatterproof extruded polypropylene. Its compact, accordion-like design and 10-pound weight makes it easy to transport, and set up requires less than a minute. An anchor kit is included. Hunters sit low to the ground on a turkey chair and shoot through any of five shooting ports. Several accessory options are offered, including Height Extenders and Back Pack. Learn more at ghostblind.com.

Gist Silversmiths

Easily recognized by their unmistakable designs, legendary quality and craftsmanship, Gist Silversmiths is undeniably one of the leading sources for all award and custom buckles. For over 50 years, Gist has and continues to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind trophy buckles to recognize some of the most significant achievements in the equestrian and livestock industries. Their offerings have expanded into the archery and shooting sports with their diverse product mix, price points and design options. From design, through manufacturing, assembly and engraving, every step is meticulously accomplished in their Placerville, CA facility.

You can always count on Gist Silversmiths to provide an expansive array of award buckles as well as personalized buckles, accessories, ready-to-wear buckles and jewelry. Gist has a commitment to providing every customer with the finest in quality, design and craftsmanship for every budget. Learn more at gistsilversmiths.com.

Hunter’s Kloak – Pro Kloak Mister

The Pro Kloak Mister offers a revamped rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours for longer lasting coverage in a lightweight scent attraction device. The Pro Kloak Mister also has an enhanced scent cartridge cavity to ensure a good connection between all Hunter’s Kloak scent cartridges and the ultrasonic transducer of the device. The mist from the device travels naturally with the wind and is quiet enough not to spook the target animal. The transducer of the mister converts the scent from the chosen cartridge into a mist emitted into the air for “More Woods, Less You,” covering your scent or attracting your target with the smell of estrous or the chosen food source. The time control mist flow can be set to 6, 9 or 15 second delay options. To avoid detection in the field, orange auto-dimming LED lights were added to enhance the mister. Learn more at hunterskloak.com.

KuduPoint Broadheads

KuduPoint 125-grain broadheads are bulletproof and deadly cut-on-contact designs that were engineered to provide maximum penetration. They work great with low-energy equipment, and they can also tackle the largest, toughest big game around. Contour broadheads feature concave cutting edges that flair wider as they penetrate to ensure deep-driving performance. The variable-pitch, single-bevel edges sport a 40-degree baseline. This technology helps split bone with a twisting action, and it inflicts spiral wound channels through soft tissue. Its 100 percent stainless steel construction features a 416 stainless ferrule and .050-inch-thick 420 stainless blades. A proprietary swaging process permanently bonds ferrules to blades, and all surfaces have a matte hard coat. KuduPoint offers 75-grain extensions and an exclusive carry case. Learn more at kudupoint.com.

Maple Leaf Press 

Maple Leaf Press has a full line of official indoor, outdoor and field target faces. They offer a complete line of four-color, 10-ring World Archery Official Targets. Maple Leaf Press has also introduced a new larger line of packaged Official Vegas, Official NFAA, Official World Archery Targets along with new quantity packs for waterproof No Trespass Signs. Most packages can also be punched for easy pegging. Maple Leaf Press, unlike most unofficial manufacturers, supports Archery with tens of thousands going to official organizations. Only Maple Leaf Press offers official sizes, colors, and Archery support. Maple Leaf Press also offers Game, Authentic and Lifesize Animal Targets at competitive prices. The company’s “Authentic Animals,” for instance, are multi-colored for more enjoyable shooting. The poses have been carefully chosen and reproduced in natural colors to give shooters the feel of early morning or dusk. Fine skin lines, kill area and vitals are invisible at 20 yards, but easy to see for scoring. Learn more at mapleleafpress.com.

Mathews Inc. – TRX

Mathews has just introduced their new 2020 TRX target series. The new wider riser adds rigidity throughout the sight and rest-mounting locations, while added cutouts minimize weight. This new riser design also features 3D Dampening to reduce post-shot vibration. The TRX series is powered by the highly efficient Crosscentric Cam system to deliver accurate energy with an incredibly smooth draw. Mathews’ new overhauled AVS and Zero-T axle bearings improve overall strength and rigidity to increase accuracy and consistency for the shooter. New enlarged diameter stabilizer bushing also increases stiffness of shooters’ stabilizer set up, enhancing accuracy. The TRX 36 offers a 36-inch axel-to-axel with a 6.5 inch brace height and shooting speeds up to 334 fps. The TRX 40 offers a 40-inch axel-to-axel with a 7 inch brace height and shooting speeds up to 325 fps. Learn more at mathewsinc.com.

Mission Crossbows – SUB1-XR

Mission’s SUB1 XR offers hard-hitting accuracy and exceptional stealth. Largest among its unique, industry-first features is Benchmark Fire Control Technology, which allows shooters to safely de-cock the crossbow with the push of a button—without pulling the trigger or shooting a bolt. The compact frame includes a precision stock with six length-of-pull adjustments and 1.25 inches of comb-height adjustment to fit any shooter or shooting style. The crossbow measures 9.1-by-30.5 inches (12.5 inches un-cocked) and weighs 7.6 pounds. It is controlled by a fully contained, match-grade two-stage trigger with a rolling sear that breaks crisply at 3 pounds. The Synced Cams include an 80 percent let-off, and when combined with a 14.625-inch power stroke, the crossbow propels bolts to 410 fps. The Easy Load Arrow Retention Arm offers smooth and effortless loading. It also provides optimal downward pressure, and when combined with the patented flight deck, it helps create a super-accurate platform. The stock accepts any non-beavertail AR-style pistol grip, and the Removable Silent Draw System cocking mechanism with an ambidextrous reel applies equal tension during cocking for further accuracy enhancement. Learn more at missioncrossbows.com.

Moore Outdoors – Licking Stick

The HODAG Licking Stick is a low pressure, natural two-step system that allows hunters to inventory, pattern and hunt whitetails more effectively year-round without the use of bait or minerals. The system combines a FlexPlate Base with the company’s AllSeason Scent to emulate the branches deer already use to communicate with others through scent. AllSeason Scent was formulated to stimulate a whitetail’s physical interaction with the Licking Stick, causing them to leave a “scent mark” that refreshes the Licking Stick naturally, with every interaction. It’s a quick, easy, durable and effective way to replicate and benefit from the way deer communicate naturally. This set up allows you to establish a communal licking stick in the exact location you want it for the purpose of both maximizing trail cameras when scouting as well as putting deer in place for a potential shot opportunity. The Licking Stick includes  the FlexPlate, two anchoring stakes, and an 8 ounce bottle of AllSeason Scent. Learn more at thelickingstick.com.

Moultrie Mobile – XV-7000i and XA-7000i

The Moultrie Mobile XV-7000i and XA-7000i combine the quality and reliability of Moultrie game cameras with the company’s remarkable Moultrie Mobile technology to deliver images from the field directly to a user’s smartphone, tablet and computer. The XV-7000i runs on the Verizon 4G network, and the XA-7000i operates on AT&T’s 4G network. Both cameras feature 20-megapixel images, iNVISIBLE flash, 80-foot detection and flash range, illumi-Night 2 sensor for crisp and clear night images, and fast .3-second trigger speeds. They also record 1080p video with audio, and monthly data plans start at $9.99. Moultrie Mobile users can even create custom tags for specific bucks, so they can easily view only those photos later. The app and website also feature a robust lineup of filters that can sort images by moon phase, barometric pressure, temperature range, time, date and much more. Learn more at moultriefeeders.com.

Nose Jammer – Four Pack Kit

Nose Jammer contains Vanillin and other natural aromatic compounds that have the ability to effectively jam an animal’s sense of smell. The compounds used in Nose Jammer are not alarming to game animals because they are found in lignin, a major support structure for all trees, grasses, and shrubs. The key is taking these prolific compounds game animals are conditioned to and delivering them at concentrated levels to overload the olfactory gland found in an animal’s nose. In the nose, once a molecule has triggered a response, it must be disposed of and this takes time. If a molecule comes along too quickly, there is no place for it on the olfactory hairs, so it cannot be perceived. Olfactory Fatigue is the temporary, normal inability to distinguish a particular odor after a prolonged exposure to that airborne compound. Nose Jammer offers a four pack which includes the 6 ounce aersol spray, Gear-n-Rear wipe, Deodarant, and Shampoo and Body Wash. Learn more at nosejammer.com.

October Mountain Products – Sektor

New for 2019, the Sektor pocketless, pin-style recurve bow is artfully crafted from a premium blend of zebrawood and phenolic composite. It is 3/64″ cut past center, with a crowned arrow shelf at 17″ in length. The riser is outfitted with long-limbs for an overall length of 62”. This bow is a hallmark of the revamped line of tradition products created by October Mountain Products. The Sektor features pocket-less, pin-style limb fitting, brass bushings, matte finish and handmade details. It includes Dacron flemished string and is Fast Flight string compatible. Learn more at octobermountainproducts.com.

Oneida Eagle Bows – Phoenix

Oneida’s Phoenix includes new technologies that make it quieter and better performing. The Phoenix includes high-performance outboard limbs, a precision cam and level system, and a new machined-aluminum riser. It has a super-smooth draw with the feel of a recurve but with the let-off, power and energy of a compound. The new riser sports a longer sight window for faster target acquisition and an ergonomic grip that accentuates the bow’s point of aim. The easy-to-maintain design offers a wide range of let-off adjustment via its interchangeable module system—from 65 to 80 percent. The new vibration-suppression system and user-friendly draw stops are notable improvements for quieter, harder-hitting shots at game. The Phoenix weighs 4.4 pounds out of the box, produces IBO/ATA arrow speeds of up to 305 fps and accommodates draw lengths from 24.5 to 31 inches. Learn more at oneidaeaglebows.com.

Pine Ridge Archery Products – Arrow Inspector

If they don’t spin right, they won’t fly right! The Arrow Inspector is a precision instrument designed to help insure a smooth and accurate arrow flight. As bows increase in speed, accuracy becomes more and more critical. Use of the Arrow Inspector will increase accuracy and is essential when gluing inserts, outserts, or point adapters on carbon fiber arrows after applying epoxy for perfect alignment and balance. The Arrow Inspector will check, with precise accuracy, arrow shaft straightness, broadhead balance and straightness, nock alignment and vane and feather balance. The Arrow Inspector features low friction machine cut steel axles and precision cut aluminum wheels to detect the slightest imperfection in an arrow shaft or component.  The Arrow Inspector is ideal for archers who fletch their own arrows. A quick spin on The Arrow Inspector will let you know if you can trust that arrow and field point or broadhead for a straight, accurate shot. Learn more at pineridgearchery.com.

Quality Archery Designs – Exodus

QAD’s all-steel Exodus has a 1 ¼-inch cutting diameter. The Exodus promises top-notch accuracy through an ultra-short ferrule and Blade Over Shaft technology. Also in the mix is fixed-blade dependability via 100 percent stainless steel construction, as well as a cutting Rock-Buster SST Tip aligned with three .040-inch-thick blades that extend inside the arrow for uncompromising anchoring. Choose from 85-, 100- and 125-grain versions, with Swept- or Solid- blade profiles, in Standard, Deep Six and crossbow models. Learn more at qadinc.com. 

Rack One – Big Game Butter

A true year-round supplement, Rack One’s Big Game Peanut Butter is unlike any other attractant on the market. Rack One grinds up and packages 100% shelled Georgia peanuts delivering 22% protein and 44% fat. Why is fat important? Deer crave fatty foods such as acorns to store fat to make it through breeding season and tough winter months. The consistency of the product allows you to crumble it in other food sources and it is rain resistant if you want to put it directly on the ground. Big Game Peanut Butter works equally well for bear and wild hogs. Learn more at huntrackone.com.

Radical Archery Designs – Rival Broadheads

Radical’s new Rival line of broadheads were designed and built for the rigors of elk hunting the west. The slim scalloped point is a continuation of the one-piece 316SS ferrule.  It’s strong enough to hold integrity when pounding those heavy bull shoulders, yet soft enough to avoid breakage when contacting those big hollow bones. The .030” thick blades are ground in Radical’s own razor blade facility.  The specific grind is designed to start off sharp and stay sharp throughout the terminal path.  Blades are easily replaced or installed without a need for tools using a locking pin in the ferrule and a locking foot cut into the blade.  The Rival is available in 100- or 125-grain weights and High Profile (1-3/16”) Vented blades or Low Profile (1”) Solid blades. Each three pack of Rival broadheads come with an additional set of blades for backup or practice. Learn more at radicalarchery.com.

Rancho Safari – BCQUIVER

Rancho Safari introduced the BCQUIVER (BCQ), a bow-mounted quiver that effectively conceals and protects arrows. The felt-lined, fleece-covered hood completely contains the fletchings to shield bright colors and protect the arrows from weather or rough travel. It eliminates fletching buffeting on windy days and prevents debris from clogging nocks. The rubber-padded broadhead cradle secures arrows by the point, so there’s no need to worry about dulled blades or accidently deployed mechanical broadhead blades. Arrows fit between nock and point for silent, effortless extraction and return. The BCQ’s head and cradle are individually adjustable, which accommodates any length and diameter of arrow. This design allows you to set your bow on the ground while glassing, ranging, or pushing it ahead during hands-and-knees stalks, without damaging even a fletching. The two-piece design works as a stabilizer and offers dramatic bow dampening. The BCQ holds four to six arrows and is covered in a variety of camouflage patterns. Learn more at ranchosafari.com.

Ramcat Broadheads – Cage Ripper

Ramcat’s Cage Ripper Expandable Broadhead is a 100-grain mechanical that beat several major brands in a 2019 penetration test conducted by Kansas State University. The Cage Ripper operates in three phases. In flight, the quiet and precise blades are held securely by oil-resistant Viton rings. After impact, the piston-driven deployment system with a spring mechanism opens the two blades at exactly the right time. Finally, full deployment is guaranteed by the Posi-Lock Plunger System that locks blades open to its maximum 2-inch cutting diameter. Patented Concave-Scoop Technology then delivers deep penetration. The head is constructed from hardened stainless steel for extreme ruggedness. Learn more at ramcatbroadheads.com.

Redmond Hunt

Redmond Hunt products are known for expanding one’s ability to manage your land, grow big bucks and hold them on your property.  Their flagship products Trophy Rock and Trophy Rock Four65 continue to be a top tier favorite in front of trail cameras.  Recently with the introduction of their new product, Plot Rock, they are excited to take their all-natural mineral management program to another level on the farm by helping managers grow a better tasting and more nutritious food plot.  New for 2019 is the super effective long-range Cherry Bomb protein attractant. It’s getting a lot of attention as its highly palatable protein ingredients with added Trophy Rock minerals and amazing aroma make it hard to beat when it comes to attracting and holding bucks on your property. Learn more at redmondhunt.com.

Rhino Blinds – Rhino-600 Realtree Edge

The Rhino-600 in Realtree Edge camo can comfortably fit three to four hunters. The durable 5-hub system allows for a quick and easy set up. The 270-degree window system comes equipped with “silent-slide” tracks, allowing you to adjust your windows and shoot through mesh from both the top and bottom while remaining completely silent. An oversized, zipper-less door allows you to climb in and out of the blind without a sound. Its triple-bond, 600 denier fabric is the thickest of any ground blind and will hold up to all elements. Brush loops line the top and bottom of the blind giving you the option to add a natural habitat look to it if you’d like. Included with the blind are tie down stakes and ropes, as well as a backpack style carrying bag. Learn more at rhinoblinds.com.

Rocket Broadheads – Siphon and Siphon XB

Rocket Broadheads announced the launch of an all-new line of mechanical broadheads to prepare bowhunters for the upcoming season. With the release of the Siphon and Siphon XB, Rocket is giving bowhunters an all-new blade locking technology paired with high-quality materials, backed by deadly designs. 

The new 100-grain Siphon and Siphon XB broadheads feature a new internal blade locking technology, removing the need for broadhead bands or clips. The internal blade locking mechanism provides reliable blade retention and prevents the blades from prematurely deploying until impact. Bowhunters can expect field point accuracy and reliability with every shot from the Siphon and Siphon XB broadheads. 

The Siphon mechanical broadhead produces a large 1-¾ cutting diameter starting with the bone crushing stainless steel tip and ending with three razor-sharp 0.035” stainless steel blades. A three-pack of Siphon broadheads will retail for $39.99.

The Siphon XB was designed specifically for crossbows and features three razor-sharp 0.035” stainless steel blades and produces a large 1-¾ cutting diameter stemming from the bone crushing stainless steel tip. Learn more at rocketbroadheads.com.

SIK Broadheads – SK2 CB

SIK Broadheads, known for its impressive, guaranteed-to-deploy-on-impact SK2 mechanical broadhead, announced the launch of the SK2 CB broadhead, designed specifically for crossbows and engineered to handle all crossbow speeds. Featuring a 2-inch offset entry wound and a 3.625-inch cutting surface, the SK2 CB uses the SIK patented FliteLoc Technology to guarantee that the signature Offset Blade Design will deploy on impact. The SK2 CB guarantees blade deployment by using the included FliteLoc clip, holding the blades in place until the exact moment of impact. The Offset Blade Design creates a unique wound channel design, allowing for a larger wound channel resulting in a quick, ethical kill. Learn more at sikbroadheads.com.

SKB Cases– Hybrid Archery Cases

Industry-leading manufacturer SKB Cases offers two SKB Hybrid Archery Cases that provide the perfect alternative to a hard-sided case, combining all the convenience of a soft case with the high level of durability and security customers have come to expect from the SKB brand. Featuring durable, weather resistant 600 Denier ballistic nylon exteriors, SKB Hybrid Archery Cases offer the lightweight portability of a soft-sided case with the added protection of a fully lined, rigid foam interior. Both cases feature heavy-duty zippers, exterior d-rings for shoulder straps, exterior accessory pockets for arrow cases (sold separately) and other accessories. The Hybrid Archery Cases come in a Small Hybrid Bow Case and a Hybrid Recurve Case. SKB offers a 1 year warranty for their cases. Learn more at skbcases.com.

Shiver Shell

Conquer the cold this season with the Shiver Shell. The Shiver Shell cold weather hunting suit is ideal for hunting in temperatures between 35 and -5 degrees F. It is made of noise-suppressing polyester camp fabric with a windproof barrier. It contains 300 grams of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation and a triple layer interlining. The magnetic closures on the arm slots are quick and easy to use. Inside pockets and suspenders come standard, along with a hood to trap heat. The user can experience some mobility with the included boot covers that detach. Once in place, the boot covers are simply applied with a drawstring. An additional non-camo boot cover is sold separately for those who wish to add an extra layer of warmth. Choose from three colors: Vanish Hybrid, True Timber – Kanati and True Timber – MC2. Stay warm and comfortable this hunting season with Shiver Shell. Learn more at shivershell.com.

Slayer Archery Blind – Archery Blind

Slayer hard-sided blinds are a modular design with five LP Smartside side panels, and its floor and roof sections are assembled with a standard 9/16-inch wrench. This makes them easy to transport anywhere on a hunting property with a 4×4 truck, ATV or boat. If a wall panel is damaged, then individual panels are available for order. The blind holds grey-tint, marine-grade glass windows that won’t warp or scratch during cleaning. The all-aluminum frame will not rust or rot in wet conditions, and the one-piece thermal-formed plastic roof has no seams, so it will not leak under heavy rain or snow. The five-sided, 6-foot, 6-inch pentagon floor plan allows hunters to cover multiple shooting lanes, and the fully carpeted walls and floor are quiet and provide cold-weather warmth. The blind has a lockable 30-by-69-inch aluminum door and 500-pound weight. It can be set on the ground or atop a 5- or 7-foot Slayer Tower. Users can also place it on a 7- or 10-foot Universal Tower via included aluminum base plates. Learn more at slayeroutdoorproducts.com.

Spencer Gear – Stand Guard

The Stand Guard is placed in your favorite treestand so deer become accustomed to seeing a human sillouette and disregard your presence when you climb on board. Not only will it desensitize game to your presence, but it will also protect your seat from the elements. Reflective eyes also make it easier to locate the stand in low light conditions. It comes in Green and Blaze Orange- the latter deigned to deter trespassers. Simple three-strap installation is all it takes to deploy, and it never needs to be removed. Once it is in your tree, simply undo the bottom two straps to collapse and secure it against the tree for easy storage during a hunt. The Stand Guard is made of 600D fabric with a True Timber finish. It weighs 2.4 pounds and measures 18 inches at the shoulder and 42 inches at the torso. The removable leg attachment is 28 inches. Learn more at standguarddecoy.com.

Spot-Hogg – MRT Pin Guard

Spot-Hogg’s newly redesigned multi-pin guard features the Multi-Ring Technology (MRT). The MRT housing is available now in 3-, 5-, and 7-pin configuration. 3- and 5-pin versions come with two multi-ring options, a small and large, as well as one single ring. The 7-pin version will come with one triple ring and one single ring. This increased versatility ensures proper peep to sight alignment with most setups. The multi-ring options provide the archer with a much higher level of accuracy in varying lighting situations by always giving the archer a bright visible ring to align their peep to. Further upgrades include a larger and more visible level, better protected, fiber optics and an improved lighting cavity that allows the sight light to be more evenly distributed and protects unwanted light from escaping. Learn more at spot-hogg.com.


The SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO is an incredibly small and affordable cellular trail camera. There’s nothing more valuable to a successful hunt, than being able to stay out of an area until you are ready to hunt it. It is a photo-mode only camera with multi-shot mode capabilities. Rather than going into the woods every week to pull cards and check batteries, monitor your hunting area via the SPYPOINT app with the SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO. The camera is managed by the SPYPOINT app, as are the photo transmission plans, scouting packages, and the rest of the SPYPOINT experience. It features 10 MP, 4 powered LEDs and a flash range of 80 feet. The trigger speed is .5 seconds and stamps pictures with date, time, moon phase and temperature. Let SPYPOINT and the LINK-MICRO change the way you hunt. Learn more at spypoint.com.

Steambow – ONYX

The ONYX, powered by Steambow, is now available exclusively at Air Venturi. The ONYX proves to be the next generation of crossbows. Not only is it the perfect combination of speed, power, ergonomics, and one of the most powerful hunting crossbows in the world, it is collapsible and offers the industry’s only revolutionary One-Push Cocking (OPC). Similar to other Steambow products, the ONYX is powered by compressed air in a refillable tank, allowing for a very rapid rate of fire and almost completely silent operation. Automatically cock the crossbow with minimal effort immediately before shooting with the exclusive OPC. It has a longer lifespan, improved safety, tool-free string replacement, and easier transport with collapsible limbs. The draw weight with manual cocking is 225 lbs, while the draw weight with OPC is just 1.5 lbs. The ONYX has a power stroke of 15.25 inches, weighs a total of 7.5 pounds, and is 28.5 inches to 31.5 inches long with a collapsible buttstock. Your arrows will fly at a speed of 330 FPS. Learn more at steambow.com

Strickland’s Archery – Black Oxide Helix

Strickland’s Archery’s Helix broadheads are a cut-on-contact, fixed-blade design that relinquishes proven accuracy, unequaled penetration and extreme blood loss from all types of equipment. The flight characteristics are equally enjoyed by traditional, compound and crossbow shooters. The single-bevel design and sharpened rear edges promote flight rotation that continues after impact. They are offered in three cutting widths and in weights from 100 to 225 grains. Strickland’s two new milling machines and tooling for all model sizes have eliminated backorders and resulted in more consistency. For 2020, Strickland’s has released the black oxide Helix heads with the same strong design characteristics with a friendly hunting color. Helix heads are hunt-ready on arrival. Learn more at stricklandsarchery.com.

T.R.U. Ball – Accutouch Plus HD

The Accutouch series features Accu-Clicks which make this state-of-the-art single pin slider sight function like a multi-pin sight. Set each Accu-Click at a specific distance so that the slider will stop where you want it. Simply “Pick” your distance, “Click” it into place, and “Stick” your target. A 45 degree rear-facing sight scale allows easy recognition of where the sight pointer is set. It features an adjustable red elevation tension lever providing the archers with their own personal choice of how easily the sight slides along the elevation bar. The Accutouch sights feature all-axis leveling capabilities from the first axis. The windage lock button prevents the micro-adjustable windage knob to turn when engaged. The Accutouch has a superior windage dovetail guide system that provides zero backlash and elevation adjustment that won’t fall off the sight when you reach the maximum range of elevation travel. Learn more at truball.com.

Mobile Warming – Summit 12v Heated Vest

Mobile Warming has incorporated the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country pattern in its 2019 men’s Summit 12v Heated Vest with Bluetooth control. The Bluetooth integrated heating technology allows users to wirelessly select heat levels and check the battery remotely from any smart phone using the MW Connect mobile app. The combination of unique materials, construction techniques, battery designs with advanced charging circuitry and innovative heating panels results in the most advanced heated gear for a variety of outdoor applications. Learn more at mobilewarming.com.

Thorn Broadheads

Thorn Expandable Broadheads uses patented “hidden blade” technology to achieve true field-point accuracy.  At impact, the Rip-Tip delivers bone-crushing penetration and deploys the hidden blades creating a huge 1 3/4″ wound channel. The company’s hidden blade technology ensures true field-point accuracy. Thorn offers 100- and 125-grain models in packs of three with six sheer pins and a practice clip. The company’s Practice Clips allow for target practice without deploying and dulling blades. Thorn also offers a multi-tool to trim sheer pins perfectly flush with the frame, remove practice clips and clean any debris from the broadheads. Get the Expandable Broadhead that hits the mark every time. Learn more at thornbroadheads.com.

Tink’s – Fogger

The Fogger is a 5-ounce actuator can with adjustable spray rates containing Tink’s # 69 Doe-In-Rut Signature Formula for long-range attraction. Tink’s #69 Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure is 100 percent natural doe estrous urine collected from live whitetail does during their estrous cycle, and it is now available in Hot Shot Mist aerosol cans. Pushing the top button produces a fine mist that floats on the slightest breezes for long-range attraction, and the quiet operation won’t alert deer. Tink’s Fogger features 100% pure scent dispersal with the innovative Bag-On-Valve System. Tink’s Fogger emits an undeniable cloud of sexual attractant that will not only travel to increase your reach, but will draw in that buck you’ve been waiting on. Learn more at tinks.com.

Trophy Ridge – Whisker Biscuit V

Trophy Ridge introduces the all-new Whisker Biscuit V lineup. The innovative V-Notch naturally centers the arrow using fewer points of contact, eliminating side-to-side arrow movement, resulting in consistent arrow trajectory shot after shot. The perpendicular bristles reduce vane drag and allow the arrow to slice through the bristles with ease, maintaining velocity with every shot. The Whisker Biscuit V lineup consists of four models including the Whisker Biscuit V, V-Plus, V-Con, and V-Max. Each model of the Whisker Biscuit V lineup includes incremental upgrades such as windage and elevation adjustments, all-aluminum construction, up to micro-windage and elevation adjustments in the highest end V-Max. Learn more at trophyridge.com.

Trophy Taker – Smackdown Lockup Rest

The Trophy Taker SD LockUp is a limb-driven fall-away rest with integrated roller bearings for smooth operation. This full containment rest is extremely adjustable. The full over-molded containment ring has a built-in sound dampening system for stealthy shots. This sight is constructed with precision-machined aircraft grade aluminum alloy with stainless steel hardened components to provide long-lasting durability, and the three-point mounting system achieves two contact points on the mounting bracket for improved stability. The SD LockUp Rest also comes with an unconditional lifetime warranty. Learn more at trophytaker.com.

TRUGLO – Titanium X Broadheads

TRUGLO’s diverse TitaniumX broadheads have quickly become favorites among bowhunters. They were created in a team effort between TRUGLO engineers and former Rocky Mountain Broadheads owner and respected broadhead designer Bruce Barrie. The lineup includes 100-grain mechanical and fixed-blade broadheads tweaked for both compound bows and crossbows. TitaniumX Broadheads have Grade-5 titanium ferrules that were CNC-machined to precision tolerances, and each is spin tested before packaging. TRU-CUT one-piece titanium tips cut on contact and split bone. All models feature replaceable TRU-THRU .031-inch-thick stainless steel blades honed to hair-splitting sharpness. Mechanical models include two- and four-blade models, and their torque-balancing blades create massive wound channels. Fixed-blade models include three- and four-blade designs made to drive deep. Crossbow-specific models (four-blade mechanical and four-blade fixed) include larger bolt-matching ferrule diameters. TRU-THRU replacement blades and a broadhead wrench are included with every package. Learn more at truglo.com.

TRUGLO – Range Rover Pro

The Range Rover Pro features PWR•DOT technology, which uses an LED illumination system inside the lens instead of a conventional pin. It has ZERO–IN adjustment dial with over 80 pre–marked yardage tapes for simple setup. The black reference circle has a lighted center dot for superior long distance accuracy. It has an adjustable green and red LED with 11 brightness settings, a micro–adjustable windage with precision click design and a tool-less yardage and windage lock. Adjustable end–of–travel stop customizes maximum yardage setting and the laser engraved reference markings make windage and elevation adjustments simple. The sight housing accepts 1.87 in. scope lens, and an updated bracket design for increased compatibility with more bow models. It comes with an adjustable quiver mount and lens cover, and it is adjustable for left- and right-handed shooters. Learn more at truglo.com.

Victory Archery – VAP TKO

Victory Archery’s VAP TKO is the ultimate .166 micro-diameter hunting arrow with unsurpassed penetration and extreme FOC. This arrow was designed with maximum kinetic energy and to be less affected by wind. It is offered in weight tolerances of +/- .001, .003, and .006, and the weight tolerance is +/- .5 grains. The VAP TKO comes with SHOK Aluminum insert and a 6 grain F nock. The SHOK broadhead adapter provides exclusive impact protection from fracturing and increases strength and durability. It accepts 8/32-inch broadheads and is composed of tough hard anodized 7075 aluminum alloy. MAXXKE technology is an advanced 3K carbon weave for less torque, faster recovery and tighter uniform spine consistency. The ICE NANO ceramic coating increases penetration and makes arrow removal simple. Learn more at victoryarchery.com.

Wasp Archery Products – Wasp Havalon HV

Broadhead innovator WASP Archery and cutlery firebrand Havalon Knives joined forces to bring bowhunters the new WASP HAVALON HV fixed-blade broadhead. This three-blade, 100-grain head starts penetration with WASP’s battle-proven Stainless Smart Tip (SST)—a stainless steel trocar design that drives deep and splits bone. The Stainless Smart Tip is pressed into place under hundreds of pounds of pressure, so the tip and blade edges are perfectly aligned for further penetration. The ferrule is milled from aerospace-grade aluminum, and the surgically sharp .035-inch-thick blades create a 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter. HV blades are easily replaced, and each pack comes with three fully assembled broadheads and six replacement blades. Learn more at wasparchery.com. 

Wildgame Innovations – Zero Trace

Hunters now have a smart alternative to existing scent-control methods that rely on harsh oxidation. No bigger than a coconut, ZeroTrace mounts easily in the stand or the blind to deliver continuous concealment from game. This revolutionary product uses a healthy flow of ion molecules to dispel nearby impurities in the air. ZeroTrace is the only in-field system using PureION technology, which harnesses nature’s greatest hunter, the ion-molecule. Ions carry either positive or negative charges and quickly seek out and bond with nearby atoms to stabilize. Once this bond occurs, particulate matter in the air is neutralized reducing the chance of detection. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that runs for up to 6 hours. The durable TRUBark texture conceals the ZeroTrace, and the magnetic mount ensures the perfect fit for any setup in the field. Learn more at wildgameinnovations.com.

Wildlife Research Center – NO ZONE Air and Space Deodorizer

Wildlife Research Center has now released break-through Scent Killer Air and Space Deodorizer. It is powered with cutting-edge NO ZONE Technology to attack a wide range of odors and knock them out at the molecular level. Scent Killer NO ZONE Air and Space Deodorizer work for a wide range of applications including rooms, backpacks, storage containers, cabins, vehicles, RV’s and much more. Scent Killer NO ZONE Technology is Ozone Free making it a safe and easy alternative to ozone generating machines. Scent Killer Air and Space Deodorizer with NO ZONE Technology is 100% money-back guaranteed. Learn more at wildlife.com.

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