The 39thedition of the NFAA Indoor Nations champion tournament was held on March 15th-17th, 2019 at the Duke Energy Center in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. The Duke Energy Center is a top-notch venue that offers nearly 200,000 square feet of shooting and vendor space. The tournament was open to all NFAA and USA Archery members and drew in top archers from around the U.S. to shoot the iconic 5 spot, blue and white face. 

This year a total of 1,823 members of the NFAA and USA Archery registered to compete including participants from Canada, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, and New Zealand. As part of this two-day competition, participants shot a total of 120 arrows (60 per day) and up to a total score of 600 (300 per day) in cub, youth, adult, and senior divisions.

On the first day, a total of 48 shooters remained with a perfect score of 300 points with 60Xs: Freestyle Professional Male division had 38, Freestyle Professional Senior Male had two, Freestyle Adult Male had six, Freestyle Young Adult Male had one, and the Freestyle Youth Male had one. 

“I think the secret is like any practice at home. Just try to challenge yourself, take yourself out of your comfort zone at home and then come to a tournament with a 100% confidence and the tournament situation should be easier than practice,” explained Jesse Broadwater, one of the 38 perfect shooters in the Professional Freestyle division.

At the end of two days of tough competition, 21 Professional Male Freestyle archers shot perfect scores of 600 with 120Xs. Inside-out scoring quickly thinned the field to just five shooters: Jacob Marlow, Jacob Slusarz, Jase Boils, Richard Bowen and Stephan Hansen. Boils, Bowen and Hansen were left to contest the podium positions after Marlow and Slusarz dropped points in the next end. After another perfect round, only Hansen kept all 5 arrows in the X-Ring. Boils and Bowen competed once more for podium positions and won second and third place respectively. 

“Long round, it’s a lot of arrows but it’s fun every year, I enjoy being here, I enjoy coming here and it’s really nice,” added Stephan.

In the Professional Female Freestyle division, Paige Pearce won her division after competing with Cara Kelly when both were tied at 600 points with 119Xs. Third place went to Tanja Jensen after a shoot off with Dusti Batsch when both were tied with scores of 600 with 118X.

“This is my first time [winning Indoor Nationals]. It’s pretty awesome, I won three other NFAAs, so I was trying to get an indoor, I finally got one,” Pearce said. “Indoors has definitely not been my strong game, so it’s been nice to make some progress.”

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