The Vegas Shoot took place on February 8-10, 2019 at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. A sum of 3,767 archers from 50 different countries took part, making it the largest indoor archery tournament in the world to date.

A total of 38 men stepped out in the Championship arena for the chance of becoming this year’s Lucky Dog. PJ Deloche claimed his title after landing a perfect inside-out arrow in the final round.

Sergio Pagni beat 22 perfect 900s shooters at the 2019 Vegas Shoot. Pagni became the first Lucky Dog to ever win The Vegas Shoot when he claimed the title back in 2016. Pagni took home a $53,000 grand prize and his second championship title. At this year’s edition, he scored 900 points with 83Xs then proceeded to shoot five rounds to secure the Compound Open Championship title once again.

Chance Beaubouef came second and Riku van Tonder in third. 23 men in the Compound Open Championship division shot perfect 900s, establishing a new shoot off record. Compound Young Adult Connor Sears and Trevor Silverson, and Compound Senior Keith Trail also scored 900s and won their divisions titles. So Chaewon and Sara Lopez became the fourth and fifth women to ever shoot a perfect 900 points.

This was also the first time the Compound Women’s Championship event had a shoot-off between two 900 shooters, with Lopez winning after scoring 29 points to Chaewon’s 28 in the first end.

The 23 perfect-900 scoring men in order of X-count:

  • Mike Schloesser
  • Stephan Hansen
  • Levi Morgan
  • Sergio Pagni
  • Chance Beaubouef
  • Jesse Broadwater
  • Tate Morgan
  • Paul Tedford
  • Steve Anderson
  • Sebastien Peineau
  • Richard Bowen
  • Roberto Hernandez
  • Sebastian Arenas
  • Peter Elzinga
  • Anthony Ferraro
  • Jeremiah Starks
  • Riku van Tonder
  • Matt Sullivan
  • Jesse Clayton
  • Nicolas Girard
  • Mikko Juutilainen
  • Donnie Thacker
  • Richard Jackson

Learn more at The Vegas Shoot’s website.