2020 Bowhunting & Archery Fall Buyer’s Guide

By Patrick Meitin 

Like most bowhunters, the crew at Inside Archery is comprised of unapologetic gear junkies. We live, breath and eat archery and bowhunting gear 24/7, and we continually seek the next best thing to help us shoot higher target scores or help us score in the field. This passion also allows us to keep independent dealers and store managers abreast of the latest developments and industry trends. We have a good sense of the gear your customers will be asking for by name. With each New Year the archery industry delivers the goods, bringing us new products that inject excitement and enthusiasm into the sport and help keep dealers’ cash registers ringing. In that spirit, we bring you some of the most innovative and noteworthy new products for 2020. 

.30-06 Outdoors

Black Ice Dry Glide Crossbow Rail Lubricant from 30-06 Outdoors helps save bowstrings by creating a slicker rail surface. Black Ice Dry Glide goes on wet but dries within 10 seconds, leaving a glassy-slick surface behind. Black Ice Dry Glide won’t collect dirt and debris or accumulate in the trigger assembly like wax- or silicone-based products, meaning it won’t cause premature wear to serving or bowstring fibers. The product is 100 percent odorless, so it isn’t offensive to the sharp noses of game, and it comes in an easy-stash applicator tube. Learn more by visiting 30-06outdoors.com.

Arizona Archery Enterprises (AAE)

AAE’s new Prophecy arrow rest is a full-capture fall-away design that was conceived for bowhunters and target archers who demand maximum accuracy potential, impact consistency and in-field dependability. The Prophecy provides elevation and windage micro adjustments to make setup easier and allow for ultra-fine tuning. AAE’s proprietary trigger mechanism includes a built-in nano-second delay that allows the launcher to remain engaged slightly longer for better arrow guidance, while also ensuring maximum fletching clearance. The forked launcher is flexible but unbreakable, for maximum forgiveness and minimal arrow noise. The high-tolerance stainless steel axle rotates on stainless steel ball bearings for unsurpassed strength and precision. The Prophecy also features a field-replaceable activation cord for ease of set-up and drop timing. The internal mechanism remains engaged during a controlled let-down to eliminate unwanted noise and remain ready for follow-up shots. Look for them in anodized black and red, and left- and right-hand versions. Learn more by visiting arizonaarchery.com.

Athens Archery

Athens’ Summit 6 is a speedy bow with an all-new 80-90 percent let-off MT Modular Cam system and deeply reflexed riser that creates a 6-inch brace height. The riser provides an ultra-stiff launch platform and plenty of balance. The bow weighs only 4.2 pounds, thanks to carefully engineered riser cutouts and recessed structural cross-braces. The MT Modular Cam has reduced rotational mass in an ultra-thin design for faster arrow speeds, and it has dual limb stops backed by string stops for a rock-solid rear wall. The quick-change module system (three screws, bow press required) allows for draw length adjustments from 23.5 to 29 inches in ½-inch increments, and despite its smooth draw cycle, the Summit 6 pushes arrows to 345 fps. GAS Premium High Octane bowstring and buss cables ensure long life and reliable peep rotation. The riser-integrated grip is narrow and comfortable, and it ensures repeatable hand placement. Silencing features include an adjustable string stop with LimbSaver NAVCOM bumper, mounting-rod NAVCOM dampener, LimbSaver Broadband Solid Limb dampeners and a Teflon cable slide. The Summit 6 measures 30.5 inches between the axles and is offered in peak draw weights of 30, 40, 50, 60, 65 and 70 pounds. Learn more by visiting athensarchery.com.

BCY Inc. 

In the big picture, string-material technology is the largest limiting factor in bow and arrow performance. BCY just helped advance that performance with the company’s new X-99 string material. This new blend provides further proof to BCY’s commitment to the archery industry and its leadership status in high-performance bowstring and buss cable material. The new X-99 blend manages to combine the proven benefits and performance characteristics of two of BCY’s best: 452X and 8190. The patented material includes a highly advanced mixture of durable SK99 Dyneema and low-stretch Vectran fibers. Together, they minimize string creep and peep rotation and maximize strength and arrow speed. X-99 is as compatible with modern recurve bows as it is compounds. Learn more by visiting bcyfibers.com

Bear Archery

Bear Archery’s affordable Legend Series Divergent EKO is powered by the new EKO Cam System and includes a host of silencing features. The EKO Cam System provides 75, 80, 85 or 90 percent let-off options in one bow, while maintaining performance and precise draw lengths at every setting. The three-track modular two-cam system ensures ideal cam synchronization and minimal cam lean, and the interior Spiral Cable Track eliminates torque. Draw lengths from 26-30 inches are accommodated through the rotating module system. The Divergent EKO weighs 4.1 pounds and measures 30 inches between the axles—perfect for stand, blind or backcountry bowhunters. A 6.5-inch brace height makes it forgiving, though it propels arrows to speeds up to 338 fps. Hunting silence comes from a torque-eliminating Hinge Cable Guard, rubber-bumper string stop, rubber string silencers/speed buttons and Shock Wave limb dampeners. Long-riser/preloaded, past-parallel limb geometry lends the bow effortless balance. High-performance Contraband Strings are super durable and guarantee square peep rotation. Learn more by visiting beararchery.com

Big Dog Hunting

Big Dog Hunting’s LJ-1000 17’ LockJawz Ladder Treestand has one of the safest tree-securing systems in the business. The patent-pending LockJawz design holds tight and can be deployed before leaving the ground to prevent fall accidents during the most dangerous period of setup. The original LockJawz Safety System is one of the safest and most practical methods of securing ladder stands to almost any suitable tree from the ground. It uses a simple pulley assembly and linkage mechanism. Its gripping arms encircle the tree, so hunters can climb without fear of tipping or twisting stands. The LJ-1000 has a comfortable 19-by-25-inch foot platform and a 13-by-19-inch padded flip-up seat with a padded backrest cushion. Final anchoring is conducted with two ratchet straps, and the ladder sections are pinned to prevent separation. An adjustable ladder support bar is also supplied. The 72-pound stand supports 300 pounds. Learn more by visiting bigdoghunting.com

Black Gate Trail Cameras

Black Gate Hunting is determined to deliver higher standards at lower prices, and the company’s Alpha HD trail cam is a perfect example of this approach. The innovative new Alpha HD is packed with impressive features, but it won’t break the bank. It features a high-definition 32 MP camera and a 5 MP CMOS sensor. With a multitude of optional photo quality settings—including 5 MP, 8 MP, 12 MP, 16 MP, 20 MP and 24 MP—you’re sure to find a setting that captures the right level of detail and maximizes your storage capacity. The Alpha HD can shoot 4k-quality video, and it also has multiple shooting options to tailor the setup for each specific user application. The Alpha HD also has an ultra-wide detection zone and quick 0.2-0.6 second trigger speed, which ensures that game is captured in the center of the frame. Its fully automatic IR filter and 45 IR LEDs make this camera capable of capturing crystal-clear low light images—and all of these features come at a price that’s less than $120. Learn more by visiting blackgatehunting.com.

Bohning Archery

Bohning introduced a new fletching jig and new vanes for 2020. Bohning’s versatile Multi-Fletcher makes fletching 1 to 3 degrees, right- or left-hand and straight easier. It includes an arrow-diameter adjustment and easy-cleanup clamps. The clamps snap into place to provide ideal adhesion force and precise application angles. Each Mulit-Fletcher includes a complete set of clamps (and they can also be purchased individually) to handle everything, including straight, right or left offset vanes and feathers from 3 to 5 inches. The ATA awarded Bohning’s Multi-Fletcher a 2020 Bronze Award for “New Product Introduced After October 2019.” Bohning’s new Griffin Vanes are targeted at Olympic-style recurves and weigh only 1.2 grains. These extremely durable and non-deforming molded vanes include a twisted-ribbon design to promote maximum arrow rotation, and they spin twice as fast as Mylar-style vanes for added flight stability and accuracy in breezy conditions. Griffin Vanes have a straight base for easier fletching, and they are compatible with adhesive glues or tapes. Each package includes a clamp adaptor that’s compatible with Pro Class-style jigs. Learn more by visiting bohning.com. 

Bowtech Archery

Bowtech calls the 2020 Revolt the smoothest, most reliably accurate hunting bow they have ever built. Center to the 30-inch Revolt’s remarkable performance is Bowtech’s patented Deadlock Cam System, allowing fast and easy adjustments to achieve perfect arrow flight and improved accuracy. The Binary Cam system offers an ultra-smooth draw cycle, deadly quiet and blazing speed. Left/right cam adjustments are made on the threaded axles to align the bowstring directly behind the arrow and then securely locked. Deadlock limb pockets lock every component in the entire bow structure as one for the most rigid, accuracy-producing platform possible. Deadlock Cable Containment reduces torque to boost forgiveness and dramatically enhance shot-to-shot consistency, while the Clutch Performance Grip offers a comfortable modular design that further reduces torque. A low-profile Clutch Grip is standard, the Clutch Control grip available separately, both offered in four popular colors. Learn more at bowtech.com. 

Capsule Game Feeders

Capsule Game Feeders offer a problem-solving alternative to traditional gravity feeders, tripod feeders and other game feeders. This rugged, rotomolded capsule design rests firmly on the ground and is durable enough to withstand all forms of abuse, including wild boars. Patented auger-driven technology brings feed from the ground up, making it virtually impossible for unwanted pests to steal feed. With no ladders to climb, filling a Capsule Feeder is safe and easy. Several self-contained models are offered, and one of the most affordable and popular is the 55 Gallon DIY Barrel Feeder. This option provides a Capsule technology head that’s adaptable to your own metal barrel, which can hold up to 400 pounds of feed. It includes an inner diameter of 21.75 inches and outer diameter of 22.5 inches, and comes complete with a timer, battery and solar panel charger. Customers supply their own barrel. Learn more by visiting capsulefeeders.com.

Cold Steel

Cold Steel Cheap Shot broadheads are made to be super-affordable (about $1 each) and deadly effective. They are molded from space-age polymer that was developed specifically as a substitute for steel, creating a tough and sharp design that won’t rust, tarnish or corrode. They are offered in two sizes. Each include Cold Steel’s signature “grip n’ rip” serrations that were specially designed to cut tough fibrous tissue. Cold Steel has 35 years of experience designing military-grade knives. Cheap Shot broadheads are ideal for beginners or young hunters who want to save a few bucks, and they are great for dispatching varmints, nuisance wildlife or non-trophy animals destined for the freezer. But understand, these are serious broadheads that will quickly and humanely down even big game animals with well-placed shots. They are also offered in small game and blunt versions for stump shooting or small-game hunting. Learn more by visiting coldsteel.com.

(CWD-Free) Inventive Outdoors 

Inventive Outdoors’ new CWD-Free doe scent is guaranteed legal in all 50 states, though it is not a synthetic attractant. Inventive Outdoors uses a patent-pending urine-neutralization/conversion system to create a “hybrid” urine-based deer attractant. The process removes unwanted urine compounds and leaves useful ingredients, while also targeting uric acid and neutralizing pH to prohibit ammonia formation. When this neutralized, non-deer urine is combined with proprietary scent additives, including synthesized natural compounds, it results in a urine-based attractant that’s 100 percent free of CWD and naturally attractive to deer. Learn more at

Dead Down Wind

Hunters can cleanse hunting togs of unwanted odors quickly and easily with Dead Down Wind’s DZone Closet. This is a portable takedown closing tent that requires less than 5 minutes to assemble or take down, and also includes zippered expandable sides for those occasions when more clothing must be added. The closet is given shape with a stout and stable frame made from metal. The kit includes a Closet Ozone Generator that pumps out 50mg of pure ozone per hour. The system is perfect for keeping camouflage clothing, hunting boots and hunting accessories such as daypacks and safety harnesses scent free and ready for action at home or when on the road. Learn more at deaddownwind.com. 


Easton’s new BowTruk Roller Bow Case was designed to keep bows, arrows and archery gear safe while also making transport easier. The BowTruk has two 47-inch bow compartments, eight interior and exterior accessory pockets, including dedicated compartments for stabilizers and arrow storage. The BowTruk features a hard/soft hybrid shell, 360-degree gear protection and double seatbelt bow-anchoring system rugged enough to handle airline travel. The field-replaceable triple roller bearing wheels make transport easy, the shell durable Cordura 1680D Type 6,6 Ballistic Nylon originally developed for military body armor. The Elite 2.0 4716 model incorporates an innovative YKK woven-in main zipper that is more durable and secure than conventional stitched-in zippers. The case measures 47-by-15-by-10 inches. Learn more at eastonarchery.com.


The Elevation Packable Bow Cover/Case protects your bow from the elements and easily packs away when it’s not needed. Target shooters can quickly cover their rigs as they await the next shot on a rainy day. Hunters can easily strap their bow to the four-wheeler and head out. The Packable Bow Cover/Case features weatherproof and waterproof construction, and its Ripstop Nylon Taffeta material is lightweight and highly durable. It has handy tie-downs for ATV use, and its long 39-by-18 inch dimensions accommodate most bows. It’s also compliant with most states’ bow case laws. Learn more by visiting elevationequipped.com.

Fore Runner Blinds

Fore Runner Blinds offers a one-of-a-kind portable soft-sided blind, and for a limited time, Fore Runner blinds are $100 off and include free shipping. The company’s blinds were designed to hold up to harsh late season elements, while remaining completely user friendly. Fore Runner Blinds have an integrated hitch system, allowing them to be towed by an ATV or side-by-side. The Fore Runner Ground Blind’s durable, self-supporting aluminum frame can easily withstand the harshest of elements, and it also makes it so hunters don’t need to secure their blind to the ground with tent stakes and tie-downs. It’s easy to set-up with minimal effort, and when you need to move it, you don’t need to worry about fiberglass rods or hubs to collapse. The Fore Runner Ground Blind window configuration has both horizontal and vertical windows in order to maximize shooting opportunities. It was also designed with the largest windows in the industry for the best shot possible. It’s also very spacious and holds three to four people. Learn more by visiting forerunnerblinds.com. 

Galaxy Archery

The Solstice 25-inch ILF (International Limb Fit) Riser is a high-performance recurve riser that’s precision forged from high-grade 7075 aluminum to provide a rock-steady shooting platform, excellent in-hand balance and exceptional shooting comfort. The riser will accept all ILF or Hoyt Grand Prix limbs to create an exceptional Olympic-style recurve setup. The Solstice features lateral limb adjustment, with collet-style limb bolt locks. It is ready to accept all the equipment a shooter could want, including sight, stabilizer, plunger, bolt-on rest or clicker. It includes a clicker extension and wrenches, and it is offered with blue, black, red, green or white finishes. Learn more by visiting galaxyarchery.com

Game Sled by Archer Sight

The Game Sled saves your back by lowering drag coefficients, and it keeps meat clean during removal from the field. It can also be used to haul gear into the field, and it can serve as a rescue aid or emergency shelter. The Game Sled makes it easy to remove a deer from the woods alone, without straining yourself—even after dragging it over obstacles. The Game Sled weighs only 6 pounds. It has a 54-by-70-inch footprint, and it is designed to handle game up to 400 pounds. Dragging handles can also be attached to a treestand safety harness. The Game Sled includes a camouflage carry bag for easy transport and storage, and it can be safely cleaned with detergents or a bleach/water solution. The Game Sled can also be attached to an ATV via the high-tension, sewn-in straps for stress-free game recovery. Its highly visible hunter-orange material ensures maximum safety while recovering game in public hunting areas. Learn more by visiting archersight.com. 

GAS Bowstrings

Ghost VX strings and cables are exclusive to GAS Bowstrings, and they provide an optimized balance of raw speed, rugged durability and reliable stability. GAS Bowstrings starts with a premium blend of cutting-edge BCY string materials and finishes with the company’s TTS manufacturing process that guarantees zero stretch after thousands of shots. It also guarantees that peeps come up square to the eye each and every shot, no matter the weather or temperature. GAS Bowstrings are available in Ghost white, with end servings offered in a seemingly endless array of colors. Learn more by visiting gasbowstrings.com

HHA Sports

New for 2020, HHA Sports’ Tetra Series bow sights offer serious archers one of the most highly adjustable designs available in the industry today. The infinitely adjustable front end allows shooters to precisely tweak vertical pin adjustments and dial their 20-yard aiming point in to the Nth degree. This feature also provides for more accurate yardage-marker tapes and greatly extends the maximum effective range of the sight. Movements are ultra-slick and easily manipulated on the fly, without sacrificing pin-point reliability. HHA Tetra Series sights are fully MAP protected and available only to brick-and-mortar retailers, eliminating competition from mail-order giants. Learn more by visiting hhasports.com. 


The 2020 Carbon RX-4 Alpha REDWRX bow from Hoyt includes the company’s bulletproof and lightweight Carbon Tech riser. The 29 ½-inch bow includes a 6 1/8-inch brace height and weighs only 3.9 pounds. The Gen-3 ZTR Cam is now smoother drawing and includes a more solid rear wall, while helping propel arrows to 342 fps. The ZTR Cam is offered in two sizes to optimize performance at various draw lengths. The riser includes the new Integrate Mounting System, the rear of the sight window including a dovetail to accept QAD Integrate arrow rests that eliminate riser bolts. Shock Pods in the riser, Stealth Shot Technology string stop, Roller Cable Guard and limb dampeners make the RX-4 extra quiet. The Adjustable Grip System allows left and right adjustments to create a perfect feel or center-shot on the TEC Riser. Front and rear stabilizer taps allow creating perfect balance. Learn more at hoyt.com.    

Hunter’s Kloak

Hunter’s Kloak Rut Rouser Dual Mister makes it possible to dispense two game-attracting scents at the same time. The unit is designed to sit on the ground where you want to it attract wild game. The unit uses two scent cartridges to dispense a fine mist that is carried on the lightest breezes, broadcasting scent for long-range attraction. A cotton wick carries the synthetic liquid scent to an ultrasonic transducer, where it is converted to a micro-fine mist that is emitted into the air at selected 6-, 9- or 15-second intervals. The paired remote control allows users to dispense the two scents individually or simultaneously from up to 160 feet away. The system is simple to use and avoids messy spills. The internal battery is charged via the provided USB cable, with an average run time of about 5.5 hours and a recharge rate of 4.5 hours. The unit is operable at temperatures as low as 28°F (-3°C). A huge variety of 2.5-ounce scent cartridges are mess-free, easy to install, and are interchangeable while on the hunt. Each scent cartridge lasts approximately 4.5 hours. The Hunter’s Kloak Rut Rouser Dual Mister comes with a remote, charging cable, and battery. Extra scent cartridges are sold separately. Learn more by visiting hunterskloak.com.

Killer Food Plots

Killer Food Plots’ Soil Defender improves root and plant mass, while also infusing vital nutrients and minerals that will cause plants to thrive. Soil Defender stimulates root growth and microorganism activity by balancing their carbon to nitrogen ratio. This environmentally safe product can be used at key fertilizer timings to boost energy levels in the root systems of plants. It’s a great tool for stimulating early plant development, enhancing germination, and creating a denser root mass and larger leaves. Killer Food Plots also offers Aqua Shield, which is a great treatment for ponds and other water sources. Aqua Shield is designed to address the root cause of the EHD epidemic by getting the Muck Out! Aqua Shield introduces a mixture of enzymes and nutrients that foster the survival of all aquatic organisms. It also breaks down heavy metals and toxins, and it clarifies the water. Learn more by visiting killerfoodplots.com.

KuduPoint Broadheads

KuduPoint Broadheads’ deep-driving Contour cut-on-contact broadheads now include cross-cutting bleeder blades, labeled the Contour+Plus. Bleeder installation is fast and simple, front edges aligning with a ferrule slot. They are delivered three heads to a hard pack, and available in 100-, 125- and 150-grain versions with single-bevel cutting edges, 100 percent stainless steel construction and standard #8-32 threads. The KuduPoint 2-piece carry case includes an integrated broadhead wrench and can hold up to six broadheads. The 100-grain version is 1.07 inches wide and 1.18 inches long and includes .50-inch-thick, 420 stainless steel, 50Rc-hardened blades. The bleeder is 17-4 stainless steel with a single-bevel edge and .625-inch width. It weighs 8 grains and only fits +Plus ferrules. Ferrules are milled from 416 stainless steel, all surfaces treated to a non-glare finish. Primary blades are swaged permanently to the ferrule and the single-bevel edges include a variable pitch with 40-degree baseline. The US-made and material- sourced heads include a Lifetime Materials & Workmanship Guarantee when purchased from KuduPoint or authorized dealers. Learn more at kudupoint.com. 


Lowdown is a dedicated viewer and photo manager that was designed to make perusing captured trail camera images and videos easier. Users can view a large number of images quickly, so they can spend less time at trail-cam sites for minimal disturbance in hunting areas. It allows you to finger-zoom on individual images to gain more detail, and you can easily delete individual images or groups of selected images. It also allows you to save images to a second (micro SD) card in order to clear your camera card. All commands are conducted through a simple, intuitive touch screen that measures 9 inches corner to corner. Lowdown is three times faster than any other trail cam viewer. It includes faster HD video viewing with sound, and it has purpose-built software for intuitive, simple operation. Other features include group or individual save/delete functions and a protective leather case doubling as a stand and SD card port. The mini HDMI port connects to a television and the mini USB port allows for computer downloading and viewing. It is powered by a lithium-battery and includes a 110V wall charger and 12V (2 amp) car charger. Learn more by visiting lowdownviewer.com. 

Maple Leaf Press

Maple Leaf Press was the first World Archery (formerly FITA) Official Manufacturer of target faces and is the only official United States producer. Maple Leaf Press offers a full line of indoor, outdoor and World Archery field targets. In 1999, Maple Leaf Press became the exclusive official NFAA manufacturer of target faces. They added The World Archery Festival and Vegas Shoot to their official line in 2000. The new 2002-version NFAA animal targets are approved for IFAA use. These are added to the NFAA field, hunter and indoor targets that are already IFAA approved. Maple Leaf also offers game, authentic and life-sized Animal Targets. No one else offers all of these targets at better prices. Maple Leaf Press prides itself on serving all target needs with great customer service and prices. Learn more at mapleleafpress.com.

Mathews Inc.

Mathews’ 2020 VXR series, which includes the VXR 28 and VXR 31.5, combines many of the company’s best target and bowhunting technologies. Six-bridge risers are longer and split limbs are shorter for added stability and forgiveness, giving them the feel of much longer bows. They are powered by the proven Crosscentric Cam system, producing arrow speeds from 344 fps (VXR 28) to 332 (VXR 31.5). New SwitchWeight Technology allows for adjustments to peak draw weight (5-pound increments) and draw length without switching limbs. Peak draw weights of 60, 65, 70 and 75 pounds include programmed modules that combine smooth draw cycles and maximum efficiency with a choice of 80- or 85-percent let-off. VXR risers boost performance and enhance 3D Damping for quieter shooting. Engage Grip or Engage Grip Side Plates promote repeatable hand placement and comfort to minimize torque. Risers are dovetailed to accept Quality Archery Designs’ micro-adjust UltraRest Integrate MX rest, and the new Silent Connect System (SCS) studs can be added inside limb pockets to hold Mathews’ bow rope and sling. The VXR 28 weighs 4.44 pounds (25 ½-30 inch draw lengths), and the VXR 31.5 weighs 4.66 pounds (26 ½-31-inch draw lengths). Both have 6-inch brace heights. Learn more by visiting mathewsinc.com.


Morrell’s Big High Roller target is new for 2020 and built with the same solid, poured High Roller Foam that was used in the original High Roller model. This proprietary self-healing foam was designed to stop any modern high-performance compound bow arrow and crossbow bolt delivered at speeds of up to 500 fps. The Big High Roller also provides incredibly easy arrow removal. This target is compatible with field points, mechanical and fixed blade broadheads. The Big High Roller measures 16-by-16-by-16 inches and includes six shooting faces that hold 21 bullseyes, all arranged like a big red dice. This helps the target last many seasons by having archers avoid shooting out a single portion of the target. This durable target is weatherproof and has an E-Z Tote carrying handle molded right in to make it ideal for backyard or camp use. Learn more at morrelltargets.com.

Moultrie Products

The all-new Mobile X-Series 6000 from Moultrie Products makes the company’s revolutionary Mobile technology more affordable, including an MSRP of only $119.99. AT&T (XA-6000) and Verizon (XV-6000) camera models include features to enhance the trail-camera experience, including 16MP image resolution, HD video and sub-second trigger speed. The 70-foot flash and detection range, featuring Illumi-Nightsensor, assures well-lit and sharp nighttime images. Both models operate on 4G networks for quick access to captured data any time with the proven Moultrie Mobile app. Data is upload to the Moultrie Mobile cloud-based server and accessed via smartphone or computer. Storage and image searches are easy, image recognition allowing quicker sorting of buck, turkey, people or vehicle images and more. Monthly image plans can be activated or canceled without activation or cancelation fees. Learn more at moultriefeeders.com. 

Musacchia Broadheads

Musacchia Broadheads offers a proven fixed-blade design made from the latest materials to make them nail tough and deep-driving. NBS100 heads are available in three- and four-blade models, both including inner-locking blades secured by cutting trocar tips. Ferrules are milled from stout 7075 T6 aluminum and hard-coat anodized. Trocar tips are cut from top-grade 416 stainless steel. The .025-inch-thick stainless-steel blades are set at an angle that optimizes penetration, are spooky sharp and produce a 1 1/8-inch cutting diameter compatible with today’s fastest compound bows. Musacchia Broadheads are one of the toughest, most reliable designs on the market today, designed to stand up to the roughest treatment, smash through bone and drive deep into the largest game. Learn more at musacchiabroadhead.com. 


The Muzzy ONE broadhead is a one-piece, 3-blade design milled from a single chunk of stainless steel, which not only makes these broadheads tougher than a tank but precisely weight matched. Released last year as a 100-grain, they are now also available in 85- and 125-grain versions for 2020. Muzzy’s ONE includes a hybrid cut-on-contact tip that efficiently smashes through bone and drives through vitals, the indestructible blades .046-inch thick. The 85-grain model includes a 1-inch cutting diameter, the original 100-grain 1 1/8 and the 125-grain 1 ¼ inches wide. The one-piece design allows re-sharpening cutting edges on a flat stone. They are sold in three packs. The Muzzy ONE is the ideal head when tackling the largest, toughest game, or for bowhunters wielding minimal kinetic energy. Learn more at feradyne.com/muzzy/ 

Odin’s Innovations

Odin’s scientifically-formulated, pelletized whitetail scents are designed to last longer and require less frequent freshening, leaving your hunting area free of human scent. Extensive laboratory and field testing confirms Odin’s time-release scents last for up to 30 days or more, regardless of weather. Odin’s products feature an innovative, biodegradable polymer that absorbs and encapsulates large amounts of liquid scents. It also includes natural fibers to provide outdoor color and texture, making the attractant almost invisible when dispersed on the ground. The attractant retains its scent over a prolonged period, even following heavy dew or rainfall. They then biodegrade, leaving no trace. There is no liquid to pour or measure, no dipping wicks, no spray cans to carry. Just sprinkle the attractant on the ground in a spot where you want to attract deer, or sprinkle them in a pattern that leads them to you. Working with an independent chemical laboratory, Odin’s tested their products in natural settings and conditions. After 27 days, the product had lost less than half of its potency. Learn more by visiting odinsinnovations.com.  

Pelican Products

Pelican Products recently introduced the Pelican AIR 1745 Elite Bow Case, which was designed for rugged and secure protection. The Pelican AIR 1745 offers smart organization for bows, arrows and gear in a super lightweight package. It was designed with the company’s trademark Pelican Air construction, which is up to 40 percent lighter than the competition. The exterior features six heavy-duty push button latches, including two TSA approved combo locks and four stainless steel padlock hasps. It also has wheels for easy transportation. The interior components provide modular storage, allowing for a range of configurations for unique bows and accessory kits. Learn more by visiting pelican.com.

PSE Archery

The 90-percent let-off Evolve cam System (EC) makes the EVO NXT 33 super smooth and offers plenty of manageable speed. This quad-track dual-cam system with dual, sealed bearings eliminates torque by concentrating draw forces into the center of the axles. Rotating modules allow you to set a single bow up for draw lengths from 26.5 to 32 inches. The string stop—also part of the cam module—includes a four-position adjustment to create a preferred rear-wall feel. The long-riser/short-limb geometry introduces excellent stability and balance, and the fairly straight riser provides a rigid shooting platform. Limb pivot points that align with the grip throat and 7-inch brace height boost shooting forgiveness. It also includes two stainless-steel stabilizer taps, one just below the grip, and a second lower one that introduces a pendulum effect to add full-draw stability. Silent shooting is aided by a fully adjustable string stop and a four-roller cable slide, both of which are on carbon rods. Silencing features also include a four-pronged rubber dampening “star” with outboard weights on the string stop rod, dual rubber dampening rods beneath each limb pocket and three-pronged/outboard-weighted limb dampeners. Learn more by visiting psearchery.com.

Rancho Safari

Rancho Safari’s Shaggie outfits are a bowhunting adaptation of the time-honored ghillie suit used by military snipers. The Shaggie Bowhunter Deluxe Longcoat is the company’s original, and it was refined for 2020 to be more bowhunter friendly. It is available in five different camouflage schemes. It uses various shades of lightweight cotton/polyester material, jute rope and burlap blends that break up the human outline like no flat camouflage material can. The Shaggie includes hundreds of hanks of hand-sewn, leaf-like hanks that scatter light and create shadow to melt into any terrain or vegetation. Bowhunters will need to trim away loose shag on the bow arm, and the use of a Rancho Safari Camo Long Arm Guard is recommend to avoid bowstring contact. The Longcoat rolls into a compact package for packing or storage, and it includes two quick-snap compression straps and a carry strap. The system includes a Boonie Hood and Face Mask. Various sizes are offered to fit any frame, and many popular camouflage patterns are included in the lineup. The Shaggie is especially popular with traditional bowhunters, turkey hunters, or anyone who wants to get closer to game. Learn more at ranchosafari.com.  

Realtree Outdoors

On everything from bow risers to the togs bowhunters wear, camouflage has become a fashion statement, and few companies inspire more loyalty than Realtree. When you have Realtree fans walk through your doors, they will be looking for three patterns right now: Timber, EDGE and Excape. Timber was first developed for flooded-timber waterfowl hunting, but it has become popular with the treestand crowd because it blends nearly seamlessly in many hardwood settings. It includes deep, dark cuts for three-dimensional depth and an erratic design for edge breakup, all wrapped around a realistic bark pattern. Realtree EDGE is the do-it-all pattern, allowing bowhunters to blend into nearly any environment at close range, with natural elements arranged to shatter the human form at a distance. It includes an abstract, three-dimensional background, realistic natural elements and colors, along with highlights and shadows that break up the telltale human outline. Finally, Realtree Excape has become big with Western bowhunters. It was purposefully designed to appear unstructured while distinctly mimicking natural elements and destroying the human form at distances from 400 yards to point blank. It uses a combination of camouflage elements perfected by apex predators and natural elements mirroring Western terrain. Learn more by visiting realtree.com. 

Rhino Blinds

Rhino Blinds come in multiple sizes and window configurations, and they also have the industry’s most popular camouflage patterns. Setup and takedown are a breeze, thanks to a durable hub system, and replacement parts are always in stock. Rhino’s R150 Realtree Edge comfortably accommodates two or three hunters with a 66-inch center height and 58-by-58-inch floor space. It is shelled in 150 denier polyester thread with a horizontal/vertical weave. It is easy to set up and tear down, requiring as little as 60 seconds with minimal practice. Rhino Blinds are built to withstand the most inclement weather conditions. The window system consists of a large front window on two panels of the blind, with three smaller windows on the back side. All windows have adjustable/removable shoot-through mesh and silent hook-and-loop attachments on the sides and top. The 180-degree window system has silent hook-and-loop windows, allowing customers to adjust windows and shoot through mesh without noise. An over-sized, zipper-less door allows hunters to stealthily enter or exit the blind. Brush loops line the top and bottom of each face to allow the addition of natural materials for added concealment. Blinds include tie-down stakes and ropes and a backpack-style carry bag. All stress points are reinforced with triple-stitched corners and reinforcements to prevent failure. Surfaces are treated with a durable water repellent to repel moisture, and they also receive antimicrobial treatment to prevent mold and mildew. Learn more by visiting rhinoblinds.com. 

Scent Crusher

Scent Crusher’s new and improved Covert Closet is an easy-to-use and effective tool that eliminates all odors and bacteria before and after the hunt, no matter where you are. It functions like a roller bag when you’re on the go, and then it transforms into a covered closet when you reach your destination. Its new battery-operated Halo Generator will ensure that your items are scent-free and ready for your next hunt. The Covert Closet also features sturdy, heavy-duty construction and a weather-resistant base to help maintain a complete seal. The Covert Closet measures 32-by-20-by-13 inches, and it’s 59 inches tall when assembled. It weighs just 15 pounds, and its high-quality construction gives it a 20-year life expectancy. Learn more by visiting scentcrusher.com.


The technological gurus at Tactacam recently introduced the all-new Revel Cellular Camera. This is a remote-access cellular trail camera with accompanying support app that includes a highly-competitive MSRP. Despite the Tactacam Reveal’s reasonable price tag the unit includes all the advanced technology necessary to capture top-quality images and make operating the cellular features less complicated. This camera includes a color LCD screen and a sub-2-minute setup time, accessed through the efficient Tactacam Reveal app. The Reveal also includes industry-leading battery life providing more performance on every eight-pack of batteries. The 96-foot detection range assures more captured animals, captured on 24MP resolution, and nighttime illumination is adjustable. Remote-access capabilities keep hunt areas undisturbed, AT&T and Verizon service plans starting at $5 monthly. Images can be sent to the cloud, where they are easily reviewed and managed on the Reveal app, or an SD card. Learn more at revealcellcam.com. 


American-made ThermaSeat products provide added cushioning and warmth on the stand or in the blind. Several models are offered, but one of the most popular is the Predator XT Series. This quiet and super-comfortable design is made for hunters on the go. The Predator XT series has Softek closed-cell foam and Silent Touch fabric facing, which help hunters move and sit quietly while staying comfortable. The ¾-inch-thick Predator is ideal for the hunter who covers a lot of ground and sits for short stints. The 1½-inch-thick Predator XT ensures comfort and support for longer sits, while still providing maximum portability. The seat comes with an aluminum carabiner clip that’s easy to attach to a pack or a belt. The seat is also bowhunting silent and designed to repel moisture. The lightweight Predator XT measures 13.5-by-17-by-.75 inches. Learn more by visiting thermaseat.com. 


Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Estrous buck lure is an industry original, the all-new Tink’s PeeFuser Scent Diffuser making this and other company scent all the more effective. The ultrasonic diffuser converts deer urine into a light mist that rides air currents to create wide-ranging attraction. Hunters can set the unit on the ground where they want deer to appear or hang it higher for wider scent distribution. The unit dispenses any selected scent for 30 seconds every 2 minutes, a ½-ounce bottle of lure lasting up to 7 hours. The PeeFuser is powered by AAA batteries. Proprietary PeeFuser bottles are available in many Tink’s natural and synthetic (for CWD zones) scents. The PeeFuser comes with a ½-ounce bottle of scent, with replacement bottles sold separately. Learn more by visiting tinks.com. 


The new VEROS 5-pin Bow Sight from TRUGLO offers super-bright pins and industry-leading features without a big price tag. PRO-BRIGHT pins backed by extra-long fiber optics are highly protected, Decreasing Diameter Pins (DDP) starting with .019-inch diameter pins up top and finishing with .010-inch pins on the bottom for finer long-range aiming. The all-aluminum sight is covered in dampening TRU-TOUCH material, can be converted for right- to left-hand shooting and includes 2nd– and 3rd-axis adjustments. The mid-bracket elevation and micro-adjust windage adjustments are smooth and precise. The pin aperture includes a glow-in-the-dark peep-alignment ring and is threaded to accept a sun shade. A TRU-LITE PRO rotary LED pin light also provided. The RIZEWRAP angled fiber case provides improved light exposure to further brighten aiming points. Learn more at truglo.com.

Vapor Trail

The Gen 7 by Vapor Trail is a limb-driven fall-away arrow rest that includes a secure side-loading, full-capture cage and wide launcher fork to offer an ideal mix of accuracy with in-field arrow control. The Carbon-Core Technology containment cage provides nail-tough construction without the weight. In fact, the rest weighs only 2.9 ounces—one of the lightest milled-aluminum rests in the industry. The Gen 7 series also includes model-specific versions designed especially for Hoyt and Mathews bows, and these models weigh only 2.5 ounces. The containment cage provides foolproof, wrap-around arrow capture while sitting, stalking and during the draw cycle. Arrows are slipped through a rubber gate while loading, and the fully silenced V launcher automatically scoops the arrow up when the bow is drawn. The advanced design allows for fast and accurate setup, and the rest has a tension-adjustable spring that’s used to fine tune drop speed to individual bow and arrow setups. With such optimal setup, the launcher is able to support the shaft for as much as 70 percent of the launch sequence for added guidance and improved arrow stability, and then it’s pulled away by lightning-fast limb action. The launcher also floats freely during launch to better absorb irregular arrow flex or minor tuning glitches for improved accuracy and forgiveness. Learn more at vaportrailarchery.com.

Victory Archery

Victory Archery’s latest hunting-arrow innovation, introduced for 2020, is the remarkable VAP–SS. Victory’s VAP-SS combines the cutting-edge micro-diameter technology of the renowned VAP arrow with the stainless-steel infused technology of the one-of-a-kind Xtorsion shaft. With the VAP-SS, customers get a micro-diameter shaft with bone-crushing, deep-driving mass through a melding of 90-degree carbon-fiber weave and infused stainless steel layers. VAP-SS arrows are lighter than the original Victory Xtorsion shafts, but they have the same degree of durability, with even tighter straightness and weight tolerances. VAP-SS shafts are offered with +/- .001-inch straightness tolerances, and they include Victory’s new and improved SHOKTL broadhead adaptor in 50- or 75-grain weights. This new adaptor lends VAP-SS shafts higher F.O.C. for added in-flight forgiveness and deeper penetration on the toughest game. Learn more by visiting victoryarchery.com. 

Xpedition Archery

Xpedition’s 32.75-inch, 4.2-pound MX-16 is super smooth, well balanced and smoking fast. It is based a long, redesigned 27-inch riser with dual cages that enhances balance, shaves weight and is reflexed to create a 6-inch brace height. New Mako X pivoting limb pockets are skeletonized for further weight reduction, but anchor the split limbs precisely and securely. The all-new Hybrid Dual Stop (HDS) can system provide remarkably-smooth draw cycles but generates incredible arrow speeds, the system’s rotating module accommodating draw lengths from 26 to 31 inches in a single bow. The stiff riser and past-parallel limbs offer a quiet base, further accentuated by Axion limb dampeners, string stop and bearing-equipped roller guard. Learn more at xpeditionarchery.com.

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