Early Release Products

2020 is around the corner and new products are beginning to drop. Check out a handful of the new products in the industry.

Hunter’s Kloak

The Pro Kloak Mister is a lightweight scent attraction device with a revamped rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours. It creates a scent-infused mist that travels naturally with the wind, and its quiet operation won’t spook animals. Users can choose from multiple scent options, including effective options like Apple, Earth and Doe Estrous. The Pro Kloak Mister has 6-, 9- and 15-second delay options, so hunters can make use of it hands-free. Learn more at Hunter’s Kloak’s website.


The new Elevation Talon 46 DBL double-bow case was inspired by feedback from professional shooters. It has a semi-rigid, split frame design that can carry two complete bow setups. Each case half features string and cam cradles and bow tie-downs. The Elevation handle and shoulder strap make the case comfortable and portable. Internal dimensions for each half are 46-by-18-by-3 inches. They include 5.5-by-3-inch general accessory pocket, two 19.5-by-3 short stabilizer pockets and one 37-by-3 long stabilizer pocket. Learn more at Elevation’s website.

Pine Ridge Archery

Pine Ridge Archery’s Nitro Split Limb Dampeners are new for 2020 and super easy to use. They wedge between split limbs with no tools or bow press required. Nitro Split Limb Dampeners hold tight and effectively soak up vibrations that cause shot noise on compound bows and crossbows. They are offered in nine colors to allow for custom color coordination. Learn more at Pine Ridge Archery’s website.

BIGshot Archery

BIGshot Archery has made a name for itself by creating targets with exceptional realism, durability and value. For 2020, the company is introducing its new Archery Video Wall, which will expand on these factors and take them to the next level. The Archery Video Wall has a limitless size and limitless possibilities, since users are able combine as many EZ-Pull Foam targets as they want. Users are also able project whatever image they want, for hunting practice or friendly competition. Installation can be done anywhere and no tools are required. Learn more at videotargets.com.


Bohning’s Multi-Fletcher is new for 2020, and its fletching options include 1- to 3-degree off-set, right- or left-handed, and straight. It is fully adjustable to accommodate all arrow diameters and it has a stainless steel frame. Clamps can be cleaned with acetone to remove glue residue. The snap-lock, easy-change clamps provide superior adhesion force and ensure consistent angles. Learn more at Bohning’s website.

Carter Enterprises

Carter’s NV is brand new for 2020. This next-generation adjustable-clicker-hinge style release features the new Cradle Rotation System. This technology allows users to adjust the distance of the click to firing from 0 (no click) to .050, or anywhere in between. The speed angle moon cradles the clicker moon in itself, allowing for completely separate and simple adjustments. The new NV comes with a comfortable three-finger handle that features a three-position pulling post to assist with drawing the release. Learn more at Carter Enterprises’ website.

Covert Scouting Cameras

The Code Black from Covert Scouting Cameras has received upgrades for 2020, including a faster .4-second trigger speed. The camera has compact 6-by-4.75-by-3.5-inch dimensions, 20MG resolution and 1080p HD video capabilities. This remote-access camera provides instant access to images or 5-second videos via the Covert App. It includes a GPS function, 58-degree field of view and 60 No-Glow LED Invisible flash technology, giving it a 100-foot flash range. Learn more at Covert Scouting Cameras’ website.

Bloodline Fiber

Bloodline Fiber creates high performance coatings, premium fibers and custom serving machines—all made in the USA. The company’s string material is engineered for abrasion performance, stability, reduced maintenance, color enhancement and much more. Bloodline Fiber’s technology also incorporates patent pending coatings and high-grade Dyneema SK99 fibers. Learn more at Bloodline Fiber’s website.

Apex Gear

The new SURGE arrow rest from Apex Gear clicks up to support a arrow with no vertical movement on the draw, and it stays up when archers slowly let down. The delayed trigger system is precisely timed to keep the launcher up to support the arrow during initial launch. Then, the high-speed actuation system causes the launcher to quickly vanish out of the way, eliminating contact for clean and consistent arrow flight. The SURGE is easy to set up and comes standard with two launcher sizes for maximum compatibility. Learn more at Apex Gear’s website.


Rinehart’s 1/3 Scale Woodland Caribou is new for 2020. It is anatomically reduced to one third of the size of a 450-pound caribou, which means that 20-yard shots are equivalent to a 60-yard shot in the field. Like many of Rinehart’s other renowned targets, it features realistic sculpted features and Solid FX Foam construction. It’s also equipped with Rinehart’s Signature Self Healing Foam replaceable insert. Learn more at Learn more at Rinehart’s website.


SKB released a new case that combines SKB’s iconic iSeries hard-case protection with the convenience of a soft case for light travel. The 3i-4719-HSC iSeries Hard-Soft Combo Case features a waterproof iSeries 4719-8 hard case with a padded liner interior that accommodates an included 2SKB-4516-B Archery Bag/Backpack. Like all iSeries cases, the 4719-8 hard case is waterproof, impact-resistant, built to military specifications for durability, and also includes built-in wheels and a tow handle for easy transport. Learn more at SKB Cases’ website.


Steambow’s ONYX is truly a next-generation innovation. This crossbow has the perfect combination of speed, power and ergonomics. Like other Steambow products, the ONYX has compressed CO2 in a refillable tank that powers a pneumatic cocking device. That means this crossbow can be cocked or de-cocked with the push of a single button for increased safety and convenience. The ONYX has a manual-cocking draw weight of 225 pounds, but the pneumatic device reduces that effort to zero. Learn more at Steambow’s website.

Easton Archery

Easton’s new 6.5 carbon arrow line includes the 6.5 ±.001-inch Match Grade Arrow, which features groundbreaking structural uniformity and precision tolerances. The foundation of the 6.5 Match Grade shaft’s precise and predictable performance comes from Easton’s proprietary ACU-Carbon Uniform Spine process, which uses a single-die, continuous-fed system that creates extremely consistent deflection and weight tolerances. This process ensures that Easton’s 6.5 Match Grade arrows will have the same point-of-impact performance from one arrow to the next—dozen after dozen—to provide archers with the highest level of accuracy and consistency. Learn more at Easton Archery’s website.

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