MX-15 and MX-16

New to the Xpedition’s lineup for 2020 is the ultimate hunting series bow from top to bottom.  The precision engineering of a perfectly balanced forged caged riser makes this bow consistent for every shot.  This series is fueled by Kevin Strother’s newly designed HDS cam, which allows the archer to manipulate the feel and performance of perfection with the ability to run limb or cable stops. The limb stop creates a rock-solid back wall and the cable stop allows for a more cushioned feel.  In response to customer demand, these bows feature quiver mounts and rear stabilizer mounting options. The MX-15 and MX-16 offers speeds that will rival the competition.


Back by popular demand is Xpedition Archery’s one of the most sought after models. The reinvented Denali LX (DLX) carries the same overall platform as its predecessor. The DLX shares the same brace height and axle to axle length but is vastly improved to enhance the shooter’s experience.  The forged caged riser, updated limb pocket design, and the HDS cam creates a crossover bow that perfectly blends stability, consistency, and performance for the competition line or in the field.


Xpedition Archery’s loyalist would argue the Xplorer SS was the best overall short axle to axle bow in modern history.  The Xscape, new for 2020, re-enters this category as a 30-inch rocket ship.  The Xscape shares a riser design and look that blends the Xplorer SS and the popular Mako X.  This design has a more rigid riser for stability, maintains a lightweight compact profile, features HDS cams with rotating mods and a newly designed limb pocket system.  The HDS cam provides an IBO rating up to 350 fps and ability to manipulate the back wall with limb or cable stops.  This bow blends lightweight maneuverability with precision performance whether on the mountain top or out of a ground blind.

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