Accessorize Your Compound

Archery and bowhunting have come a long way since the invention of the bow and arrow thousands of years ago. Fortunately, we are part of a century that has the technology allowing you to widen your archery horizons. Sifting through hundreds of archery products to find quality accessories can seem a bit overwhelming, but embracing innovation will allow you to improve your skills and learn a lot about today’s newest technology. Why stick with a bare compound when you could amp up your bow to improve accuracy and, if you want, add a little personality? The following products are great examples of some of the newest, high-tech products on the market, as far as accessories go.

Pine Ridge Nitro Hunter 7.5-Inch Stabilizer

Pine Ridge Nitro Hunter 7.5

For a more precise shot, a good way to steady a wobbly bow is with the Nitro Hunter Stabilizer. This product provides balance to keep the bow in equilibrium for improved down range accuracy. It terminates vibration with Pine Ridge’s Sawtooth vibration dampening technology. The Sawtooth blade is made of aluminum, making this stabilizer lightweight and quiet. In 19 different colors and designs, including the new snake pattern, the Nitro Hunter Stabilizer is a great product that is worth every penny spent. Learn more at

Hoyt Pro Series Stabilizer

Hoyt pro-series-stabilizer-8

The Hoyt Pro Series Stabilizer is an excellent product that will increase accuracy by steading your aim while maintaining silence with Hoyt’s proven shock rod technology.  This design includes machined aluminum cylinders, and it comes in 5.5-inch and 8-inch models. This vibration-eliminating stabilizer comes in 9 custom colors: Under Armour Ridge Reaper, Realtree Xtra, Realtree MAX-1, Realtree AP Snow, and Black Out. Learn more at

Limbsaver Kodiak-Air Bow Sling

Limbsaver Kodiak Air Bow Sling

The Kodiak-Air Bow Sling is designed to easily attach to your bow as a comfortable alternative to carrying it. Hanging your bow over your shoulder makes for a hands-free hike, slightly simplifying more difficult terrain or allowing for more hunt time. The adjustable sling is made of a non-slip NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) Air-Web pattern that easily shapes to one’s body, evenly distributes the weight of the bow on your shoulder, and stays cool for an ergonomic, versatile fit. This strap is used by outdoor enthusiasts, in the military, and in law enforcement, therefore it was made to withstand harsh environments of all sorts. If style is what you are concerned about, this sling comes in 3 different colors: Black, Camo, and OD Green. Learn more at

Pine Ridge Nitro Wrist Slings

Pine Ridge Nitro Wrist Sling

Making your bow comfortable is a priority when improving the accuracy of your shot. Pine Ridge Archery’s Nitro Wrist Sling is easy to install with a stabilizer, and adds valuable function to a bow. Keeping your grip loose and comfortable, the sling wraps around your wrist snuggly to keep the bow steady in your hand. It is made of Precision CNC Machined Anodized Aluminum and premium silicone that will not absorb scent, is hypoallergenic, and can be worn by people of all sizes. The cams adjust to create a preferred angle, and the tubing holds its shape well, increasing its use time. Learn more at

Trophy Ridge Vault Two-Piece Quiver

Trophy Ridge vault-two-piece-black-full

If you’re looking for a lightweight, extremely compact quiver for your bow, then Trophy Ridge’s Vault Two-Piece quiver is a quality choice that securely holds arrows snuggly against the bow. This two-piece platform has a removable foam insert, so you have the option to eliminate the dual arrow gripper for less weight. Including all mounting hardware, this system weighs only 10 ounces. There are multiple mounting posts included that are adaptable to various brands of bows. Learn more at

Kwikee Air Quiver Series

Kwikee Air straight 4 Arrow

A lightweight, convenient alternative to a waist hanging quiver is the Kwikee Air Quiver Series. This quiver is one of the lightest, quietest quivers on the market. It attaches to the limb of your bow, is fully adjustable, and secures all types of arrows tightly with Kwikee Kwiver’s StarTite design. This quiver is extremely lightweight due to its adjustability; arrow holders can be removed, and the distance between arrow holders and the shield can be adjusted. It’s made of shock-absorbing foam, allowing you to rid yourself of those other vibration reducing components, decreasing some of the bow’s overall weight. This material contains no hard plastic or metal parts for broadheads to hit against, eliminating some noise. When it’s banged against something, like a tree stand, only a dull thud sounds from the quiver. With stealth in mind, this series was designed to be as lightweight and quiet as possible. It’s available in straight and curve models, and holds either three, four, five or six arrows at a time. Learn more at

Pine Ridge Nitro String Loop

Pine Ridge Nitro String Loop

Using a D-loop eliminates the string wear caused by release jaws—almost doubling its lifespan—and prevents an arrow from slipping off while letting down. It evenly distributes force on both sides of the arrow to improve your chances of delivering a more accurate shot. The D-loop is always a good option, and if you are looking for a durable, long-lasting material, the Nitro String Loop would be worth considering. The string is made of premium, low stretch material, braided for an additional rooted, consistent hold. This material is extra stiff to maintain its shape, and it is easily melted for a clean installation. This product is available in 19 different colors (including camo) and comes in pre-cut pieces or in spools. Learn more at

Trophy Ridge React One Pro

Trophy Ridge react-one-pro-hunter-full

If you’re looking for a single-pinned sight, Trophy Ridge’s React One Pro is a quality product. Its React Technology is effective from 330-265 fps. This 100 percent aluminum sight comes equipped with stainless steel hardware, fiber optic yardage indicators, a sight light, and a lens retainer ring (the lens is not included). The design incorporates tool-less micro-click windage and elevation adjustments, and has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment. The React One Pro gives you confidence to accurately identify the appropriate yardage between you and the target/animal, making it a great choice for any bowhunter. It’s available in dovetail or hunter bracket versions. Learn more at

TruGlo Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro

TruGlo Archer's Choice Range Rover Pro

The Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro is an incredibly accurate sight that uses PWR•DOT’s illuminated CENTER•DOT technology, and it has 700 hours of battery life. The sight housing allows for a 1.87-inch scope lens (sold separately). It includes Micro-Adjust windage with a precision click design. There are laser marks that are responsible for windage and elevation adjustments. This sight include 40 pre-marked yardage tapes, making set-up easy, and it has a customizable yardage-stop setting. In addition to suiting both left- and right-handed bows, a quiver can be mounted to the bracket with included quiver mounts.  This sight is a great option for those next-generation archers looking for the latest and greatest items. Learn more at

TruGlo Carbon XS Xtreme 

TruGlo Carbon XS Xtreme

TruGlo’s Carbon XS Xtreme is a high-tech, ultra-lightweight (less than 4.2 oz) carbon-composite sight. The exclusive PRO•BRITE pin and fiber design combine with extra-long fibers to create excellent brightness and heightened durability. A reversible bracket allows for greater vertical adjustments, as well as adjustments for left- and right-handed archers. This sight has a glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring that aligns with the aperture ring for enhanced peep lineup. It looks sleek with TruGlo’s TRU•TOUCH Soft-Feel Technical Coating, and comes in 5 different colors/patterns, perfect for any bowhunter. Learn more at

Ripcord Ace Mico-Adjust

Ripcord ace

Ripcord released two fall-away rests with optimizations only available in the Ace Series Products. The Ace Mico-Adjust rest includes micro-adjustability to fine tune the rest’s position (the standard model does not include this). The fall-away only activates when the arrow is released, not when let down, and the Firefall design ensures full arrow containment. For better arrow clearance, Ripcord added a narrow slim-line launcher. The external cord eliminates cord wear, and nicely sets the cord on the side of the arrow to remove interference. Ripcord’s Thumb Cock Launcher gives you the ability to easily load an arrow and cock the rest with one hand, while the RightTime Fall-Away System adds stability when the arrow is shot by preventing the transfer of the bow-hand torque to the arrow. High-speed footage was used in order to find the optimal dropping point, ensuring that the launcher will completely support the arrow for the first couple of inches with no bounce back. The result is an incredibly accurate, fall-away arrow rest. Learn more at

Truglo Storm Capture Arrow Rest

TruGlo Storm Capture Arrow Rest

The Storm Capture Arrow Rest is a new capture-style rest released by TruGlo with a quick and quiet arrow release, perfect for targets, 3-D shooting and hunting. Contact made by the arrow is reduced, improving speed and accuracy. The dual-coil launcher integrated in this design is adjustable as well as replaceable, and the brushes holding the arrow can be adjusted for almost any desired angle. This product is made to be very durable with All-Weather technology. You have a choice of 5 color inserts, and it can easily be installed for left- or right-handed bows. Learn more at

2 IQ_Pro_Hunter

The Pro Hunter from IQ has two fixed pins for those short-yardage shots that seldom allow time for field adjustments. It also has an adjustable third pin for longer shots, which uses a rapid high-pitch one-pin adjustment system for a full range of distances, all controlled by the green knob beneath the sight.

The Pro Hunter features IQ’s patented Retina Lock alignment technology, which yields instant feedback for changes in torque or anchor point. It has built-in sight levels, tool-free locking knobs, fully enclosed .019-inch fiber-optic pins, and precise incremental adjustments on windage and elevation knobs at .0015-inch per click. It’s available in left- and right-hand models. Learn more at

3 Apex Covert

The Apex Covert now has a detachable bracket for greater portability, storage and adjustments. Archers can quickly remove the sight from the bow while maintaining sight settings, vastly simplifying storage and travel.

The detachable bracket also creates a longer sight radius for improved accuracy, and increases the adjustment range for precise peep alignment. It includes all the features of the original Covert, such as the VERSA-PIN, which lets shooters quickly change pin colors or sizes in the field without changing fibers or the aiming point.

The Apex Covert also has a range-adjustment dial for smooth, precise aperture movements to use the single pin at any distance. Learn more at