Inside Archery recently spoke with Gary Kinard, owner of All Star Archery, about his approach to letting employees run his store while he and key staff attend the ATA Show.

Kinard’s expertise in this area is probably thanks to something that is also one of the coolest things about All Star Archery, its legacy. Kinard has been at the helm for almost 35 years. A strong legacy like that is probably why Brian “The Pigman” Quaca paid the shop a visit back in 2010. Check out this cool video of Pigman’s visit:

We here at Inside Archery strongly believe that life is brimming with little lessons, and there is much to learn from success. All Star Archery’s 35 years of business is a testament to its leadership and style. It is also notable that Gary Kinard is the president of the National Archery Buyers Association, or NABA, which continues to help dealers be more profitable. Check out All Star Archery’s website here to learn more about the shop, and look into NABA if you haven’t heard of it.