Ani-Logics Ani-Supplement GOLD

Ani-Supplement Gold: The new “GOLD” standard in deer feed

Your deer suffer stressors all year long. Harsh weather conditions, drought, disease, predation, and the rut all take a toll on your deer.   What if there was more you could do to help?

Research has shown that consistent supplemental feeding:

  • Improves Body Condition
  • Increases Antler Growth
  • And Improves Herd Health

Don’t just feed deer; offer them the new “GOLD” standard in deer feed.  Ani-Supplement Gold™ gives your deer, not only what they need to survive, but to thrive.

Ani-Supplement Gold™ provides your deer with the necessary, targeted nutrients that may be lacking in in their natural diet.  These critical nutrients become a crucial strategy to help your deer herd reach their peak genetic potential.

Ani-Shield TX4® Technology is packed with:

  • Vitamins
  • Bone Building Minerals
  • Balanced Proteins
  • Probiotics
  • And Healthy Essential Oils

Offer nutrition, plus amazing attraction! Learn more at

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