Apple Releases Bow and Arrow Archery Emoji with iOS 9.1 Update

Bow and Arrow emoji

Photo Credit: emojipedia

As archery continues to grow in popularity, it seems to show up more and more in little pop culture phenomena. The latest example of this is a new bow and arrow archery emoji for iPhones, introduced in the most recent software update (iOS 9.1).

Bow and Arrow archery emoji
Photo Credit: emojipedia

Although this may seem rather insignificant to some, it can be viewed as a small piece of the larger picture. Archery is on the rise thanks to major pop culture influences like Katniss Everdeen and Hawkeye, and this emoji reflects the growing, widespread interest in the sport of archery. Emojis are in many ways a product and tool of expression for the younger generation, and now archery has been added to that language.

So let those digital arrows fly!

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