The concept of the ArachNet “Black Widow Security System” is a security net for belongings carried in the bed of an uncovered truck or trailer. This product automatically detects tampering and sounds an alarm to attract attention to interrupt any attempted crime in progress. It provides a high level of security and peace of mind for any person hauling valuables that can’t be locked away.

The ArachNet is comprised primarily of motion-detection security alarm, remote control, and elasticized netting. The netting is shaped like a spider web with adjustable hooks for quick and easy fastening over a load. The product stretches and self-adjusts to the particular size and shape of the load while also serving to retrain the cargo for safety. The center of the webbing contains a detachable water-resistant alarm system. This battery-powered unit ( 9v battery) includes a loudspeaker, wireless receiver, sensor, and timer. It’s armed and unarmed wirelessly by the vehicle owner carrying the remote control.

When valuables, belongings, or equipment need to be stabilized while traveling in the pickup truck or trailer, the elasticized netting is applied. This keeps the load from spilling, rolling about, or shifting while traveling.

Upon parking the truck and walking away the owner can activate the remote control to arm the alarm system. If a criminal attempts to steal something from beneath the spider web-shape netting in the owner’s absence, the sensor would complete the circuit between the battery and speaker. The loud alarm would immediately frighten off the would-be criminal to protect the load from theft. After 30 seconds, the alarm would turn off and reset.

The “Black Widow Security System” could be used by any pickup or trailer owner seeking security for their belongings while away. This could include use by campers, tradesman, construction workers, hunters, ATV owners, boaters, and travelers.

The function and appealing features of “Black Widow Security System” include its ease of use, protection, and the peace of mind afforded pickup owners. Instead of constantly worrying about cargo or remaining within view valuables in the open, this security system provides protection against theft.

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