There are archery leagues that are in full swing throughout the nation. Get involved in one today and never let up on your archery skills. 

USA Archery

The Adult archery program is a great step for archers to begin pursuing archery on a larger competitive scale. You can become a member of USA Archery’s Adult Archery Program for unique benefits such as making new friends, an upper-body workout, an opportunity to build self confidence and learning team building skills. This program is designed to help you whether your interest lies in recreational or competition on a local, state, national or international level. 

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The Junior Olympic Archery Development Program helps archers enjoy recreational or progress to competition level archery. This program offers barebow, recurve and compound archers. It gives young archers the opportunity to learn range safety and proper shooting technique. It is an environment that fosters focus, increased self-confidence and team building skills. JOAD is open to archers aged 8-20 and is designed to grow with the archer. As the archer develops, they will learn more advanced techniques and earn achievement awards.

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Adaptive Archery

Archery is available to people of all ages, abilities and genders. Athletes with cognitive or physical impairments, who may otherwise be dissuaded from participating in sports, can actively participate in archery along with athletes without a disability. This program can help you get out to socialize and be active. It can also set you up to compete in the Paralympics or World Championship. Simple adaptations have developed to break the stigma associated with disabilities. You can now remove the barriers to conversations and interactions among groups that might otherwise be separated. 

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Virtual Tournaments

In addition to traditional archery tournaments, USA Archery has also jumpstarted Virtual Tournaments. This is an excellent opportunity to experience the excitement of a national event and test your archery skills with others across the nation. This program is offered year-round and includes indoor and outdoor events. 

This program is fairly inexpensive and includes live scoring, fast results reporting and the chance to earn the Club Spirit Award. It’s available to any USA Archery, Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD), Collegiate Archery Program or Adult Archery Program Club members. 

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Collegiate Archery

USA Archery also has a Collegiate Archery Program that is great for JOAD, National Archery in the Schools (NASP) and Scholastic 3-D archers to continue their journey in archery. This program is designed for students enrolled in a university or college. Participants can work to develop fundamental skills and prepare for local, regional and national events in the collegiate division. The Collegiate Archery Program offers barebow, recurve, compound and bowhunter divisions. It is a perfect outlet from the stresses and pressures that full-time students can endure. 

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NASP Archery

NASP is a program that doesn’t discriminate against popularity, athletic skill, size, gender or academic ability. They view archery as a team sport that is open to all students. This is an in-school program that aims at improving educational performance for students in 4th-12th grade. Students can learn self-control, focus, discipline, patience and life lessons required to be successful in the classroom and in life. 

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Archery Pro Shops

Not only are there many programs that work nationally to offer leagues, but many archery pro shops also offer lessons and leagues in the shop itself. You can find youth and adult programs all over the nation that can suit your archery needs. They are typically fairly low-cost and can be a family-friendly activity. Archery shops that have built-in ranges often offer these types of programs. Google “archery shop leagues near me” or call around to your local archery pro shops and ask about their programs.