Day 1 was indeed a whirlwind of sights, sounds, and smiling faces. In such chaos it’s tough to keep track of everything on the checklist, and no one wants to waste a precious moment here. Day 2 gave us all a chance to take a deep breath and find the little gems scattered throughout the showfloor, although that doesn’t mean the feet walking on the floor were moving any slower.


Zubin’s innovative crossbow barrel.

Like every morning before the show there was handful of enlightening seminars. One that really stood out was the one titled Veterans and the Outdoor Industry by Charlie Budd, Steven Lenoir and Doug Scott. It pointed out the moral and financial reasons to hire veterans, highlighting pros like the effectiveness of military skills as well as utilizing government incentives and tax breaks.


Jennifer Krueger, sales representative for Inside Archery and Bowhunt America, poses for a photo with the owners of Hooker Deer Drag.


As always, there was a lot of sneak peaks at amazing new products that are still prototypes. Tree Stand Buddy, a company respected for safe and unique innovations, was debuting a prime example. The new Super Stand is an incredibly versatile and adjustable treestand option that not only provides multiple different sitting and standing positions, but also has highly adjustable angles for oddly shaped trees. It also features one hand adjustment for convenience and safety.


Tree Stand Buddy’s Super Stand prototype.



Media Direct greeted the outdoor media with some amazing food and a close up look of some amazing new products. Lunch meetings like these are always an excellent opportunity, because it gives outdoor writers a calm, exclusive way to learn everything about new products face to face with the experts.


One thing that really stuck out was TRUGLO’s new bowfishing gear. Safety and effectiveness were key in designing things like the 360° Arrow Slide, which is easy to install on TRUGLO or other brand bowfishing arrows. The 360° Arrow Slide provides a safe and easy way to shoot and retrieve an arrow without inhibiting accuracy or power because the fishing line is strung equally on two sides instead of off balancing the shot by only being attached to one. Some other notable products are Apex’s Accu-Strike Pro Select, and TenPoint’s Carbon Nitro RDX, their first reverse draw crossbow.




TRUGLO’s bowfishing kit.


TenPoint’s Carbon Nitro RDX, their first reverse draw crossbow.

As always, there are a handful of celebrities that pack the rows with crowds of eager fans, and this year was no exception. Luke Bryan, Jason Aldeen and the Bone Collector team were a particularly popular table. Easton also held an amazing concert by Nate Hosie for all the attendees who were in right place at the right time.


Luke Bryan, Jason Aldeen and the Bone Collector team sign autographs at the Synergy Outdoors booth.


Tiffany and Lee Lakosky of Crush TV meet and greet with fans.


Steve Mack, production manager for Inside Archery and Bowhunt America, gets an autograph and picture with the lovely Eva Shockey.


Attendees watch Nate Hosie performing at the Easton booth.


All in all it was another amazing day. Tomorrow will indeed be a race to the finish.