Inside Archery had the chance to go behind the scenes with one of the owners, Ramuel Martinez regarding the booming success this shop has faced over the past several years. Big Woods Goods opened its doors in 2006, and originally focused on firearms. After relocating to their new 20,000-square-foot facility in 2010, the shop began to incorporate archery as well. This building includes 9,000 square feet dedicated to retail, a vending and lounge area, two large classrooms for training, a dedicated gunsmith room, offices, and a warehouse. The other half of the building is dedicated to a 25-yard shooting range and an indoor 3D archery range. In addition to the indoor ranges there is an outdoor archery range that goes out to 70 yards.


Big Woods Goods employs eight full-time employees and 5 part-time workers. They have 3 archery instructors and one firearm instructor. This shop carries many different popular brands such as Hoyt, Elite, Bowtech, Quest, Prime, Diamond, Parker, Ravin, Black Eagle and Gold Tip. Half of their archery-related revenue comes directly from bowhunting gear, while the other half accounts for target gear, lessons, and events.

When digging deep into Big Woods Goods, Martinez mentions that the biggest struggle of selling both firearm and archery equipment has been getting the employees on the firearm side to get more involved in the archery side of the store as well. Other than that, it has just been beneficial for the store. Incorporating archery has opened many opportunities to get creative such as leagues including JOAD, lessons for all levels, welcoming a high school archery club, and has become a huge part of their annual Anniversary sale. Having both types of equipment has allowed Big Woods Goods to draw in new archers naturally from other firearm customers. Firearms and archery tend to work very well together, and it shows in the shop’s success.

Big Woods Goods does as much for their community as possible and does a great job of recruiting new archers. A local high school came to this shop in hopes of having an archery club there, and Big Woods Goods got the grants necessary and put everything together to make it happen. They help with equipment, maintenance, and even uniforms for the club. This collaboration turned into hosting a tournament between the local high school and another one nearby. Not only do they support local high schools and getting children involved, but they also do a charity for three different organizations: the Red Cross, Must Ministries, and Advocates for children. A crossbow or a bow, a firearm and a membership the Big Woods Goods ranges are given away, and admittance to the giveaway is by donating something to one of the charities; this could include blood, food or childcare supplies. This event has become very popular over the years, and they are constantly trying to look for new and unique things to offer to the community.

Martinez makes it clear that the key to their success would be the customers experience. Many people who come in their shop are looking for fun memories with family and friends. People develop camaraderie with others who like similar things. Their employees are dedicated to an amazing customer experience and to understanding what customers are looking for and catering to them with new events and products. Big Woods Goods has become widely recognized in their community and landmarked as a quality archery shop in Canton, Georgia.

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