Bohning Blazer vane with American FlagBohning Blazer vanes have added a new color option in the form of the American flag, after a slew of requests for the design. The Blazer QuikFletch line now features an American Flag QuikFletch, which retails for $29.97 for a 6-pack. Consumers can also buy Blazer vanes in a variety of neon colors, animal prints, or even in a “beast mode” design. Check out Bohning’s website for more details on their Blazer vanes.

With an ever growing interest from consumers in the American Flag Blazer® vanes. Along with numerous requests for an American Flag QuikFletch it was only time before the Bohning Company expanded their options within the Blazer® QuikFletch® line. With that, the Bohning Company introduces the American Flag QuikFletch®.

Just like the other QuikFletch® options, the American Flag QuikFletch offers a fast and easy way to repair arrow shafts in the field. The QuikFletch® easily installs on shaft sizes of 0.219-0.375″ when submerged into boiling water. The Blazer® QuikFletch® measures 5.25″ in length and weighs 27 grains.

The American Flag Blazer® QuikFletch® are available for $29.97 for a 6 pack (MSRP). For more information or to order, visit Bohning’s website today.

Bohning Archery is an industry-leading manufacturer of arrow building products. Located in Lake City, Michigan since 1946, Bohning stays true to its founding principles & continues to innovate new products that solve problems in the archery industry. The company also maintains its long standing commitment to excellence in customer service.