Bow Report – APA King Cobra TF

King Cobra TFIn today’s ever-changing world of technology, manufacturers constantly strive to stand out as companies and by individual products. That’s not simple for bow companies because compound bows require specific fundamentals to deliver optimal results. One company that routinely proves itself unique is APA Innovations. In fact, each APA bow has its own unmistakable look.

APA Innovations is known for exclusive concepts and powerful bows. For 2015, APA makes a monumental leap in performance and extreme killing power. Aptly named, the King Cobra TF lashes out with roasting speed, stunning stealth, and precision accuracy.

Feature-Driven Functionality and Performance

The King Cobra TF is more than a bow. It’s a complete bowhunting system designed for functionality and performance. APA’s high-end bows feature a built-in Carrying Handle that not only helps bowhunters tote their bow in the field, but diverts vibration from their bow hand when shooting.

Beneath the bow’s grip, the APA Tool Center includes a nock wrench, cam-lock pin, carbide sharpener, and broadhead wrench. These bowhunting necessities make short work of in-the-field emergencies. I especially like the cam-lock pin, which provides a bow press anytime, anywhere.

APA’s MX Cams deliver speed with a smooth draw cycle. The King Cobra TF is APA’s fastest bow, delivering arrow speeds over 370 feet per second!

Riser Fangs give the King Cobra TF an attitude that completes its name, and provide a convenient way to hang the bow on virtually any tree limb. This makes screw-in bow hooks unnecessary anytime a branch is available. Riser Fangs also provide a place for APA’s Camera Mount Kit, which allows bowhunters to capture their hunts from a first-person view when using a GoPro or other sports cameras. What’s more, you can still hang the King Cobra on a branch when using the mount and camera.

The King Cobra TF also features a Speed Silencer, which delivers a higher feet-per-second rating and squelches bowstring-generated shot noise. A string cushion beneath the grip stops the bowstring at brace height, and prevents bowstring oscillation and string-slap to the archer’s bow arm while suppressing noise.

APA's Carbon Roller Guide
The Carbon Roller Guide delivers a smooth, friction-free draw cycle that lengthens cable life.

It’s Hot!

For years, bowhunters with short draw lengths have often sacrificed speed and kinetic energy. The King Cobra TF solves this dilemma. With its MX Cams and reflexed riser with a 5-inch brace height, the King Cobra strikes with fire and launches arrows at speeds exceeding 370 feet per second. My 382-grain arrow left the bow at 335 fps, producing 95.2 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Even a 444-grain aluminum “log” departed the King Cobra TF at 315 fps and produced 97.8 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. So whether your customers chase whitetails or water buffalo, the King Cobra TF tackles the challenge.

King Cobra TF Riser Fangs
Riser Fangs give the King Cobra TF attitude and provide a convenient way to hang the bow on virtually any branch. They’re also the point-of-attachment for APA’s Camera Mount Kit.

Comfortable and Accurate

Despite its red-hot attitude, the King Cobra TF handles and shoots exceptionally well. Tough bowhunting situations often call for quick shooting. To achieve consistent accuracy during dicey circumstances, a bow must deliver remarkable comfort, which begins with the grip. The King Cobra TF features hand-on-riser gripping with ritzy laminate inlays for torque-free shooting. The riser is clothed in Soft Touch Armour, providing warmer and stealthier handling than traditional coatings.

After shooting a few arrows with the King Cobra TF, I couldn’t ignore its smooth draw despite its extreme power. The Carbon Roller Guide ensures that smoothness with ball bearings that decrease cable friction for a very manageable draw cycle. This system also decreases cable wear for optimum cable life.

After getting acquainted with the King Cobra TF, I stepped outdoors into snowy and blustery conditions to test its simulated bowhunting performance. Tight arrow clusters out to 40 yards verified the Cobra TF’s repeatable accuracy. I prefer accuracy over speed, and APA sacrifices neither. This makes the King Cobra a winning choice for any bowhunting application.

King Cobra TF Carrying Handle
The built-in Carrying Handle makes toting the King Cobra TF a snap. The handle is also a support bridge that increases the riser’s stiffness to improve performance while decreasing hand shock.


Rigid Construction

The King Cobra TF’s rigid construction helps harness its ravenous power. Its riser is crafted from 6061-T6 aluminum, giving it exceptional strength and stiffness for repeatable performance that outlasts the worst bowhunting conditions.

The King Cobra TF’s HE Twin Flex Limbs bring power and durability. In a lightweight, parallel design, these limbs distribute the load over two working areas to reduce vibration, increase performance, and smooth out the draw cycle.

If your customers seek a unique bow for any bowhunting challenge, they’ll do well to pick one from APA Innovations.

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