Mission bows deliver performance, accuracy and technologies normally found in higher-end bows, but at prices that won’t bust the family budget. The Hype DTX carries on that tradition, providing all the energy and accuracy bowhunters need to cleanly and consistently tag big game in demanding conditions. The Mission Hype DTX offers adjustability that lets any archer shoot this bow. Where this compound bow shines is its shootability, accuracy and buttery-smooth draw cycle.

The new perimeter-weighted F.I.T. (Focused Inertia Technology) Cam System on the 2017 Hype DTX includes a seamless draw cycle that makes this bow enjoyable to shoot. This bow has an 80% let-off and a smooth draw cycle. Another fascinating feature of the round-profile F.I.T. Cam and Zebra Hybrid strings holds is unbelievable consistency. The F.I.T. Cams shot with on-the-money consistency throughout the entire test group, except for the lightest shaft in the lineup, which had a 2 fps deviation spread.

Each limb-tip set also includes split yokes to eliminate torque, with the end loop set in slotted Teflon-lined bushings to let limb-stress self-correct after each release. This bow’s flexibility offers 19- to 30-inch draw lengths, and 15- to 70-pound draw weights. That’s impressive adjustability from one bow that requires no bow press or additional draw-length modules to make changes. The milledaluminum riser holds a comfortable ergonomic composite grip, and the wide-profile riser delivers excellent balance at rest and at full draw. Its 7-inch brace height also boosts forgiveness.

On release, the Hype DTX exhibits zero vibrations. The riser/grip remains dead in the hand, another accuracy enhancer that allows steady follow-throughs. Part of the Hype DTX’s great balance is a Harmonic Stabilizer Lite that’s embedded in a rubber web behind the lower limb pocket. That feature further hushes an already quiet bow, whose silent performance is also enhanced by parallel-tip split limbs. The Hype DTX comes standard with a DeadEnd String Stop that’s molded from super-soft rubber and mounted on a carbon rod. For bowhunting, I’d add minimal string silencers.

For less than $400, Mission offers a bow that shoots hard enough to cleanly kill any North American big-game animal. It’s also so easy to shoot that I packed in tight groups out to 40 yards with little prep work. And because it’s so quiet, it won’t spook those string-jumping white-tailed bucks. And with the added bonus of being adjustable enough to pass along to your kids, nieces, nephews, spouse or special friend, you’ll never worry about taking a loss if you want to upgrade.

To learn more, please visit Mission Archery’s Website.