Carter Enterprises takes you to the next level of resistance activated releases. We are excited to introduce the Evolution Too. The Evolution Too features revolutionary new “Piston Resistance” technology. This new technology gives you the ability to fine tune your tension adjustment range and offers a level of consistency unmatched by other resistance activated releases. The new safety design includes a feature that will not allow the safety to disengage if you are pulling harder than the release is set for. No more “I wasn’t ready” unwanted surprise shots. When the safety won’t disengage, simply let up slightly on how hard you are pulling and the safety will disengage by itself. From that point you are ready to execute by simply pulling a few more pounds into your back wall to experience the most clean breaking, unanticipated shot  that you have ever felt. The Evolution Too also features a newly designed jaw that will allow more ease of loading with most size of d-loop material while still forcing the loop into a single spot for unmatched repeatability and consistency.  Available in 3- or 4-finger style. This year let the Evolution Too take you to the next level of accuracy.

Learn more by visiting their website at or give them a call at 208-624-3467.