EastonSalt Lake City, Utah, October 2, 2016— Easton announced today that, for a limited time, they would produce a 6MM FMJ version in the retro Autumn Orange color finish. The Easton XX75 Autumn Orange shafts were a mainstay in bow quivers from the 1970’s until the late 90’s and any archer from that era will remember shooting this popular shaft. Easton stated that the limited edition 6MM Orange FMJ shafts are coming off the line at their Utah factory and are available to ship to dealers now.

The FMJ AO will use the same base carbon-core shaft wrapped with a 7075 aluminum metal jacket used in the current 6MM. The reduced diameter 6MM shaft provides more penetration and accuracy than a standard carbon arrow by adding the kinetic energy and the precision straightness afforded by a metal jacket overlay. The 6MM is sold at a popular price-point where a lot of regular carbon arrows are priced and puts the world’s most advanced hunting shaft within reach of most bowhunters.

· Available in spine sizes: 470, 390 and 320

· Pre-installed 6MM (H) Nocks

· 6MM RPS 8-32 inserts included

· Reduced-diameter 6MM carbon core with 7075 metal jacket

· MSRP: $79.99 per half dozen

For more information on 6mm Full Metal Jacket arrows visit Easton Archery’s website..