F-3 Media and Plano Synergy logosF-3 Media is proud to represent these brands in the digital space. In 2016 F-3 is working to develop new strategies to not only create brand awareness, but also create long lasting relationships with consumers in the digital world. In a time where more that 56% of Americans report using a social media network, we feel that customer to consumer digital relationships have never been more valuable.

“Plano Synergy is proud to partner with F3 Media in the social and digital space. Their team continues to bring expertise in content creation, promotions, social management, remarketing, and many other facets of the digital marketing space that allow us to further the mission of our outdoor brands. F3 has and will continue to be a trusted business partner across all hunting and fishing brands for Plano Synergy. The outdoor space is full of passionate and educated consumers, F3 media has their finger on the pulse of this consumer and helps us continue to find innovative ways to make unique and targeted impressions with our brands.” says Ben Rand, Director Of Marketing for Synergy Outdoors.

JT Harden, president of F-3 Media, is excited about the opportunity to represent Plano Synergy Outdoors. ” We are honored to work with such a distinguished brand and team like Plano Synergy. Our team at F-3 Media works very hard to create unique content for their brands. Digital marketing is so much more than just making posts on social media. Digital marketing is a tool that can optimize consumers in real time, while using real time analytics to report accurate returns on investment. Plano Synergy understands this, and gives us the freedom to help grow their brands “