If you love bowfishing, Fin-Finder most likely has what you need to excel in this sport. Fin-Finder is a reputable bowfishing company located in Mount Joy, PA. They offer a variety of bowfishing bows, including both compound and recurve styles, arrows, points, nocks, and other accessories. On their website, they also have a “Recommended Wrecking Level Chart” to help users chose the best arrow and point for the ultimate bowfishing experience.

Fin-Finder collaborated with Cajun Bowfishing to develop the new BankRunner bowfishing recurve bow. Fin-Finder’s latest slaying innovation offers recurve bowfisherman a chance to wreck in style. The BankRunner features a three piece take-down design and a durable magnesium riser construction which features built-in limb pockets for increased dependability.  All bushings are built and installed to withstand the down and dirty abuse you’ve come to love. The BankRunner comes in a variety of colors and with an EZ fit grip, a form-fitting grip that’s comfortable and tacky. Additionally, replacement limbs are available to beef up your bow with more draw weight.

BankRunner Features

  • 58″ three piece take-down design
  • Durable magnesium riser construction
  • Heavy-duty sight/reel, reel seat and rest bushings are threaded and machined into the riser
  • EZ fit grip
  • Limbs to increase draw weight (sold separately)
  • 4 points of adjustment to accommodate all types of retrieval systems and sights

Winch Pro Reel Package

  • BankRunner recurve
  • Current™ Bowfishing Arrow Rest
  • Hydro-Shot Finger Savers
  • String silencers
  • Winch Pro™ Bowfishing Reel

Learn more at Fin-Finder’s website.