Gearhead Archery is pleased to announce Eric B. Rapp as its new President and CEO. Eric has been a successful businessman for 34 years in various industries. He has extensive experience in manufacturing and leadership roles.

Eric has a history of reducing the cost of goods sold while demanding exceptional quality and value to the consumer. “Manufacturing a bow that is truly different and better is essential in today’s market place. Giving the customer more than what they expect and producing the best products at the lowest cost is crucial to the growth of a company,” Eric Rapp of Gearhead Archery said.

These are exciting times for Gearhead Archery. In January of this year, Gearhead released the fully adjustable new B-Series bow in 6 different sizes. The positive feedback from Gearhead shooters is outstanding.  The size and speed of the B30 and B34 appeal to hunters and shooters alike. With the compact design of the B20 and B24, they are perfect for backpack and saddle type hunts.

“We are eager to see how these new bows perform on the tournament trail and we are thrilled with the new leadership that Eric brings to Gearhead Archery. This kind of feels like it could be our break out year, Its 2019 – Year of the Gearhead,” Skip Peterson of Gearhead said.

Gearhead Archery was launched to create innovative archery products that are designed for accuracy in extreme shooting and hunting conditions. The company is made up of avid hunters who have a background in designing highly automated robotic equipment for various industries.

Gearhead Archery’s headquarters are in South Central Wisconsin. Gearhead facilities consist of 60,000 square feet of factory space with multiple departments specializing in the areas of engineering, design, fabrication, assembly and CNC machining.

Gearhead Archery – Rethinking Tradition

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