Gold Tip shooters Levi Morgan and Tim Gillingham took first and second place at the recent Metropolis, Illinois, ASA Pro/Am shoot on June 27 through June 29.

“Sunday was the craziest day of my archery career,” said Morgan. “I went from leading and then fell to 8th, then back to leading, then to six points back, “said Morgan. “Somehow the Lord pulled me together and after the smoke cleared I won by 2 points. Probably the best shoot-down I’ve ever been a part of. What a battle by all involved.”

In the Women’s Pro division, Gold Tip Pro Staff shooter Sharon Carpenter took second place. Art Brown took second in the Men’s Senior Pro Division.

“Tournament after tournament, our pros face challenging conditions, the toughest courses and stiff head-to-head competition, “ said Mitch McKay, Gold Tip Sales Director. “And every time, the toughness and constancy of their Gold Tip arrows and the rock-solid performance of their Bee Stinger stabilizer systems see them through to victory.”

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