Great Day, Inc. is a company whose name literally “speaks” the outlook and the attitude by which they operate. Even the logo brings to mind a refreshing awareness and appreciation of the opportunities each new day brings. They are located in Tallulah, Louisiana, a small farming community that sits in the heart of the delta. Great Day’s product line has one common denominator: Everything offered is high-quality, unique, dependable and functional. Corners are never cut to compromise the quality of Great Day products. Every product begins with a certain hunting need and ends with perfection. The Quick Draw Bowfishing Racks and the Splando-Flage “Shortcut” Facemasks are excellent examples of some of the high-quality and functional products offered by Great Day.

Quick Draw Bowfishing Rack

The Great Day Quick Draw Bowfishing Rack is used to secure and store bows to the shooting deck of Bowfishing boats. It is especially important to secure bows when transporting and changing locations. A lot of bowfishing time is spent searching and riding on bowfishing adventures, so the QD805-BF provides protection and quick access to the bows when it’s go time! The Quick Draw Bowfishing Rack mounts compactly and securely to the deck of the shooting platform of a bowfishing boat, allowing freedom of movement for the shooters. 

Shortcut Facemasks

The Spando-flage “Shortcut” Facemask has no straps, snaps, wires or strings. Just slip it on, pull it up and look them in the eye! Shortcuts have a stretch ratio of 10 to 1 and can be conveniently stored in something as small as a shirt pocket.

This facemask is extremely user-friendly, versatile and effective. Shortcuts have all the good things that hunters have always liked about Spando-Flage: it forms to the face for perfect camouflaged cover, “breathes” to keep you comfortable in warm weather, and hugs your face to cut the chill on a frosty morning. Best of all, they blend with camo clothing and the natural surroundings to cause a hunter to disappear. If you are a “run ‘n gun” turkey hunter, a “walk ‘n stalk” bowhunter or a “hide ‘n peep” duck hunter, Shortcuts get the job done.

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