Hall’s Arrow is a great example of how archery can create an enduring legacy. Like industry pioneers Fred Bear and Jim Easton, Art Hall formed a passion for the bow and arrow during the first half of the 20th century. By the early 1950s, he was perfecting his home-made arrows, winning tournaments, and sharing his shooting secrets with friends and interested fellow archers.

What started as hobby in a basement became a small and demanding business in 1959. Hall continued to make his own arrows and pass his knowledge along to those interested. New England’s weather cycle made year-round outdoor practice impossible, and so in 1964 Hall expanded his business yet again to make the first indoor archery range in New England.


Richard Johnson III said Hall’s Arrow uses social media more than ever, but still finds that paper fliers and newsletters are effective for generating business.

Another awesome feature that Hall brought to his shop is the innovative automatic target return system. In an effort to avoid the “hold ups” that come with a standard archery range when shooters collect their arrows, Hall developed an overhead track system that brings the arrows back to the archer. You can see it in action in the background of this quick video:

Hall’s legacy of providing new and seasoned archers alike with the latest gear, knowledge and a place to shoot lives on to this day. Check out their website http://www.hallsarrow.com to learn more, and consider stopping by next time you find yourself in Connecticut.

Check out this interesting virtual tour: