High Point

High PointHigh Point products recently launched another great product.  The stand-mountable smart phone holder allows anyone hands-free recording of their hunts.  No need to pack a camera or wish you had one with you. The camera holder quickly mounts to nearly any standard tree stand without the use of tools, and any size smart phone quickly clips into the device.  Perhaps the best feature of this device is that it is priced at only $15 USD.

Convenience and price are only a couple of the great features that Rick Leasure (Founder of High Point Products) incorporated into this great product.   In addition, this product comes with an accessory attachment to connect a Go-Pro to your stand.  Also, a hunter can still attach any standard camera using this same setup.  The versatility of this camera holder makes it the perfect choice for anyone, regardless of recording device, to quickly and conveniently record their hunt.  Finally this product is great for keeping up with phone correspondences, weather, maps and other mobile tools all while keeping movement to a minimum in the stand.

Rick Leasure had this to say about the product when asked why he was inspired to design it:

“I designed the ultimate camera holder for the hunter.  I myself use it when I am on stand, to not only record hunts, but also to conveniently track weather and send text message without digging in my pocket for my phone every ten minutes. “

For more information contact High Point Products at 866-674-6480 or  info@hparchery.com