Hoyt Released the 2020 Carbon RX-4 Alpha

Hoyt Archery has just Released their all new 2020 premier hunting bow. The Carbon RX-4 Alpha is built for tight spaces and stealthy maneuverability. Hoyt’s Alpha Series bows are engineered for bowhunters who hunt from tree stands, ground blinds or those putting in brutal backcountry miles where every ounce counts. This bow punches speeds up to 342 fps and weighs only 3.9 pounds. It measures 29½ inches axle-to-axle and has a 6⅛ inch brace height. This is Hoyt’s first ever premier hunting bow under 30 inches axle-to-axle. Hoyt’s lightweight, compact RX-4 Alpha is built to attack from the least expected locations.

This bow features the ZTR Cam, a refined cam system for a smooth but hard back wall for a rock-solid anchor point. This is the quietest cam Hoyt has ever offeres and comes in two sizes to optimize energy and efficiency. The Integrate Mounting System is machined directly into the riser allowing Integrate compatible rests to be clamped directly to the machined dovetail, forging a connection that physically cannot rotate and is twice as secure as traditional Berger Button mounted rests. The Carbon riser have more than 50 individual carbon components for specific properties that are hand laid into one single, incredible rigid and lightweight riser. It is engineered for optimized stiffness and vibration control. The Carbon RX-4 Alpha includes shock pods and stealth sock technology for a silent shot.

Learn more at Hoyt Archery’s website.

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