Alan Small of Hunting’s a Drag, Inc. spent a lifetime as an archer which lead to serious thinking about the equipment and accessories we use on every bow, especially the peep sight. That consideration was key in his development of the Quick Sight “Elite,” an adjustable rear-sight mounted on the bowstring. Hunting’s a Drag continuously reviews the customer’s needs for better equipment that’s easier to use. Their goal is to fine-tune their products to the customer’s personal style and use. Hunting’s a Drag stands behind and insures all aspects of growth are to the highest standards.

When Alan was just 8-years-old, a family member had given him a high-end children’s bow hooking him on target shooting. Hunting soon became an essential part of Alan’s life as his passion for archery grew in to recurves and compounds. As Alan became more familiar with archery products and accessories, he began reviewing new products that could help make shooting easier; although, he kept running into problems with peep sights.

Alan Small’s first model peep sight used surgical tubing to pull the peep into line but turned out being noisy and dangerous. This didn’t stop him from his goal though, it stimulated a thought process for a new style of peeps. This is ultimately how Hunting’s a Drag’s Quick Sight “Elite” came to be. Alan constantly keeps a pad and pencil around for jotting down new ideas or to write about experiences for the day generating new creative ideas to ease the hunting experience. Hunting’s a Drag has also released the Game Sled, a durable and compact way of removal by a single person. This idea and the name of the company, Hunting’s a Drag, Inc., was born after Alan had to remove a heavy harvested animal from a remote hilly area with heavy underbrush.

Once Alan thinks of an idea, he begins the necessary research to build a working model. Once the product is safe and “user-friendly” by using a lot of trial-and-error testing, he offers it to a few others for feedback. This feedback is used to tweak the model and finalize the product to be sold on the market. The Quick Sight “Elite” has gotten great feedback and is very user-friendly compared to other peep models. It isn’t necessary to take to a shop to install, and it is very easy to adjust. Hunting’s a Drag strives for ease of use for hunters, and it shows in both of their products, the Quick Sight “Elite” and the Game Sled.

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