2304555-pngThe Gearhead team continues to raise the bar on what is possible with archery technologies when rethinking tradition. Gearhead Archery is bringing 5 new items to the ATA in 2017!

New to the lineup this year is a 30″ axle to axle bow. This new bow is the T30 and will join its siblings; the T18, T20 and T24 in the Ultimate Hunting System. The T30 has a 6.5″ brace height and weighs in at 4.0 pounds in the aluminum bow and 3.4 pounds in the Carbon Fiber version. The T30 has draw lengths out to 31″ with an IBO of 335 FPS. The T30 has the same weight options of the T18, T20 and T24; 40, 50, 60 and 70 pounds. The compact size of the Gearhead Archery bows make them perfect for backpack hunting, tree stands, ground blinds and stalking game. But the design goes much deeper than that. Each bow can convert from right hand to left hand, without a bow press in just minutes. The design of the riser gives this bow the strongest, most accurate riser on the market today. Each side plate is a military grade 7075 aluminum that is then hard coat anodized to give the base aluminum an armor coated shell. The boss and pocket design of the members between the riser plates fit together like a glove, reducing the vibration and sound of the bow. All Gearhead bows are crazy quiet and dead in the hand. This is a system that uses common parts with different riser plates and string sets to produce the best hunting bows, Period!

The next new item that you will see from Gearhead in 2017 is called Pick a Grip!

Gearhead Archery will offer 5 choices of grips:
· The Standard grip with walnut inserts.

· The Flatback for the target shooters.

· The Standard Slider.

· The Flatback Slider

· The Carbon Grip for a warm feel in cold weather.

Gearhead plans to debut a new coating for their limbs, called LimbShield, which will be standard on all gearhead bows. It provides additional sound dampening and helps protect the limbs from damage of extreme hunting conditions. Plus they look pretty darn cool too!

The new T15 Pro will be at the ATA Show this year. We combined limbs and rubber tubing to generate the power. The T15 Pro is 17.5″ in length, it weighs 2.1 pounds and can generate up to 237 FPS. It comes in two limb options, either recurve style or straight. The T15 Pro is perfect for bow fishing, small game or just having fun.

Lastly, Gearhead Archery with enter the Crossbow market in 2017. We will do the unveiling at the ATA Show the morning of January 10th in Booth 4501. Think crazy light weight. Think perfectly balanced. Think futuristic design. Rethink Tradition!

Check us out at Gearhead Archery’s website.