Water, food and cover are crucial for an animal’s survival, water perhaps being the most important of the three. The H2O Whole was designed to provide deer and other game with that essential nutrient. Placing your H2O Whole near food and bedding will create the ideal location for viewing deer, as well as a wide variety of other wildlife. Bucks, does and fawns will change their patterns to make the H2O Whole an important pit-stop in their daily schedule. 

Watch Dan Amundson of Jenlis Inc. give a rundown of the H2O whole.



The H2O Whole is lightweight and easy to transport. It fits perfectly in the back of a standard pickup truck.

H2O Whole is designed with a ramp that provides easy access for small animals trying to reach the water. The ponds are made in the USA with “Grade A” materials backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Check out this video of the H2O Hole in action! – https://www.facebook.com/H2OWhole/

It doesn’t matter if you already have water on your property. The H2O Whole will bring wildlife right where you want them. Improve your chances of harvesting the buck of your dreams with the H2O Whole!