Lancaster Archery Supply Releases Video Review of the All-New PSE Citation Target Bow

PSE Citation Target Bow

Lancaster Archery Supply last week released its video review of the all-new PSE Citation target bow.

The PSE Citation target bow was launched last week, announcing the new bow would be available in axle-to-axle lengths of 40, 36 and 34 inches.

In its review of the bow, Lancaster Archery Supply gives a detailed look at the 40-inch Citation, which features a shoot-through, deflexed riser, new limb pockets, wide limb stance and steep limb angle coming off the riser. It’s powered by two versions of PSE’s popular Evolve cam.

Lancaster Archery Supply has become a YouTube favorite for its annual new-bow reviews, garnering hundreds of thousands of views for its videos. The Citation review is the company’s first of the 2021 new-bow season.

Watch the video by Lancaster Archery Supply

Check the company’s social media pages and its YouTube channel for more bow reviews this fall.

PSE Citation Target Bow

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About The PSE Citation



Accuracy and value combine in the new PSE CENTRIX® SERIES. Its center-pull design provides for greater stability, easier tuning, less float and a more efficient power stroke. PSE’s 3-track binary cams deliver consistent performance with every shot.

PSE Citation Target Bow

The CENTRIX® SD has a 6³⁄₈” brace height and a draw length ranging from 23” to 26½”.

Plus, an all-new S3DA™ CENTRIX® SD model is ready for use in all S3DA™ events.

All models feature a removable molded target grip compatible with PSE’s new ComfortGrip™ System.


  • BRACE HEIGHT: 6³⁄₈”
  • AXLE-TO-AXLE: 33”
  • ATA/IBO SPEED: 305-297 FPS @26½”
  • LETOFF: 75%
  • DRAW LENGTH RANGE: 23”- 26½”
  • DRAW WEIGHTS (LBS.): 40, 50
  • CAM: SB
  • FINISHES: Platinum Titanium, Purple, Rose Gold, Black Cherry, White, Black
  • INNER MOD- 01346SB85
    85% LET OFF

To see more PSE Bows and learn more on the PSE Citron target bow, visit PSE Archery’s website.

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