1416258226701Seattle, Washington — It’s widely known that modern crossbows shooting in excess of 380 feet per second put a tremendous amount of force on a nock. Because of this, most crossbow manufacturers recommend using aluminum nocks to prevent damage to the nock, arrow and/or crossbow, itself. In the past this has meant users of these high-power, high-performance crossbows could not use a lighted nock – but not anymore thanks to the NOCK OUT® CONTENDER™ 300 Lighted Nocks from Clean-Shot® Archery.

Shortly after the 2016 ATA show, Mission® Archery challenged lighted nock manufacturers to design a lighted nock to work in chorus with their entire line of crossbows from 100 to 200 pounds of draw weight and speeds up to, and exceeding 400 fps.

“We threw out the challenge, and Clean-Shot accepted. To be honest, we really didn’t know if a lighted nock was possible considering how much force our top end crossbows exert. I mean, when you think about 400 fps, that’s a lot of energy! We were pleasantly surprised when Clean-Shot Archery came to us with the all new NOCK OUT CONTENDER 300,” says Mike Olson, Mission Accessory Manager. “After months of testing, this nock truly exceeds our expectations and we are excited to offer it to our Mission customers this fall.”

“This challenge from Mission Archery was right in-line with Clean-Shot Archery’s philosophy of continuous improvement, so the challenge was accepted and the design work began,” stated Larry Bay – CEO of Clean-Shot Archery.

NOCK OUT lighted nocks for vertical bows were introduced in 2014 and the Crossbow NOCK OUT design was launched in 2015. “Our NOCK OUT line features several patented, user-friendly and industry-changing features like Universal Fit, Practice Mode and Easy Off, but the opportunity to work with Mission to make a stronger, crossbow nock enhanced our entire line of NOCK OUT lighted nocks”, stated Corey Paulsen – National Sales Manager for Clean-Shot Archery. Our customers can rely on NOCK OUT lighted nocks to perform under the harsh, unpredictable hunting conditions we often times experience, providing them with the upmost confidence to be successful.” Paulsen added.

The MXB®-400™ from Mission Archery is one of the fastest, hardest-hitting crossbows on the market and until now, lighted nocks were not an option. Unfortunately, the great force put on the nocks made them break or malfunction creating a series of issues for MXB-400 users wanting to experience the benefits of lighted nocks. The NOCK OUT CONTENDER 300 lighted crossbow nock from Clean-Shot Archery can withstand 100’s of shots from anycrossbow on the market, including the MXB-400. “We removed “Practice Mode” on the OEM version of this design, and made them shaft internal diameter specific (0.300″ ID) to set them apart from our standard design, but the real improvements in durability derive from a specifically formulated, proprietary polycarbonate blend exclusive to NOCK OUT lighted nocks. This new material has significantly increased the nock’s ability to adsorb kinetic energy and withstand the forward momentum of today’s high performance crossbows. The improvements in performance and product life span are so great this new materials will be used on all NOCK OUT lighted nocks (starting in 2017),” stated Larry Bay.

The NOCK OUT CONTENDER 300 will be included in all Mission bolt three packs starting fall of 2016.

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About Clean-Shot® Archery: Clean-Shot® Archery started in 2009 after a failed hunting trip where founder/inventor/avid bowhunter, Larry Bay, had difficulty seeing through a wet peep site. He recognized that there needed to be more products on the market to enhance the accuracy of bowhunters. He wanted to reduce the number of wounded or killed, but never recovered, game animals. Not long after this trip, Larry decided to use his background in engineering, electronics, and manufacturing – together with his love of archery – to design and manufacture archery products that utilize the best modern technology. The company’s philosophy is simple… make archery products that are useful and simple AND work as advertised.