Martin_Product_bowsUntitled-1Walla Walla, WA–Refusing to let a 2015 factory fire slow down their momentum, Martin Archery today released four all new compound bows for their 2016 product line.

The new bowsthe Hellfire 35, Inferno 33, Carbon Vapor and Stratos CRare the result of the most ambitious market research and technological development effort the company has ever undertaken. Among the new technological innovations are a perfectly symmetrical cam system and the first 4­ring cam system, working in tandem to virtually eliminate cam lean.

As a direct answer to requests from hundreds of recreational archers, pro shooters and pro shop owners, Martin is announcing their 2016 Phenix Series of bows. Using state of the art engineering and patented technology, the Phenix Series represents the quietest and smoothest bows available according to independent testing against leading competitors.

Rounding out this exciting product release is the Stratos CR (Carbon Riser), the most affordable carbon bow on the market that is as rugged and reliable as it is lightweight. In keeping with the historic brand’s dedication to quality and reliability all parts are manufactured in the United States, and go through a rigorous battery of testing including shot cycles, draw cycles and dry fires.

Tracy Reiff, President of Martin Archery, had this to say about the new product line: “We wanted our customers to know that when they talk, we listen. The Phenix Series is a direct result of those conversations.”

In keeping with their new direction as a consumerfocused company, Martin is using a modern, social media focused engagement campaign to reach out to their customers and dealers and make them a part of the launch.

Reiff believes that this granular market strategy will translate to increased sales of the new line. “The outdoors enthusiast and hunting community are very social and engaged. It just makes sense for us to reach out to them individually through social networks.” Martin Archery, founded in 1951 by archery pioneer Gail Martin, has a storied history of innovation and high quality. While many industry analysts felt that the 2015 factory fire would be the end of this iconic brand, the 2016 line has proven that this brand is poised to lead once again.

For more information, visit Martin Archery’s website.