Not one to be left behind in the innovation race, Martin Archery of Walla Walla, Washington, adds its new Carbon FeatherWeight to the industry’s growing stable of carbon-riser compound bows. More remarkably, Martin Archery’s carbon compound bow retails below $500, which experience and sales reps say is the industry’s fastest-moving price point.

Carbon, of course, is a big thing in compound-bow development. It’s lighter and stronger than standard milled aluminum. It’s also inherently quiet, acting as a natural sound dampener for the bow. The carbon riser on this compound bow features a multilayered design, and includes a wide side profile. The riser is reflexed about 5½ inches, but it’s well-balanced and forgiving. The FeatherWeight’s overall balance is one of its most appealing and accuracy-enhancing traits.

Martin equips the FeatherWeight with its Kestrel LTR Cams, a hybrid design and one of the company’s fastest systems. In my tests, this bow unleashed 300-plus fps speeds with hunting-weight arrows without the jarring draw cycles typical of many “performance” cam systems. This design includes a rotating module system with half-inch incremental settings through 4.5 inches of draw-length adjustments.

This bow’s performance comes partly from its rugged Stack Force Limbs. Their unique shape also stores and transfers maximum energy, with both dual-limb sets terminating past parallel to maximize their energy-boosting preload while dampening noise. The limbs on the FeatherWeight work in opposite and equal directions after each shot to cancel out vibrations and excess noise. The limb tips on this compound bow are reinforced to increase reliability.

The Kestrel LTR on the FeatherWeight includes a rock-solid limb stop that ensures consistent arrow speeds, as well as a marked rear wall and short valley. This bow forces you to use proper back tension, which leads to better shooting habits and tighter groups. In my tests, the Kestrel LTR Cam did its most consistent work with moderately heavy arrows, namely the Gold Tip Kinetic Kaos and Victory VAP. That’s typically a sign of maximum compatibility. That’s good news for bowhunters, because these shafts are generally best suited to big-game hunting.

Martin Archery’s Carbon FeatherWeight should prove a big hit with serious bowhunters because it is affordable, it is light weight, and the tuning process proved to be fairly easy. All of those features and more add up to a bow that packs heavyweight punches in a FeatherWeight package. It should attract instant attention and sell steadily to bowhunters seeking topnotch performance at an affordable price.

To learn more, please visit Martin Archery’s Website.