Mathews’ Avail is a compact, lightweight bow engineered for female archers and bowhunters. The Avail tested here was set for a 25-inch draw length and slightly more than a 50-pound draw weight. This draw weight / length is efficient for tagging animals such as black bears, whitetail deer, springtime gobblers, and more. These bow specs generate  respectable kinetic energy, touching 50 foot-pounds across the board.

The heart of the Avail is Mathews’  CrossCentric Cam system with Advanced Vectoring System (AVS) technology. This cam was inspired by Mathews’ No Cam technology, which maintains the smooth nature of that Gen-1 technology while increasing speeds to boost KE transfer without sacrificing the bow’s smooth character. During the draw cycles, limb tips move little between rest and anchor positions which transfers energy more efficiently for quieter shots.

When pulling into anchor, partially concentric string payout produces a smooth, bump-free draw cycle. The AVS technology vectors the draw forces to maintain perfect synchronization while working with a True Center Nocking Point for straight and level nock-point travel. The Cams on the Avail increase leverage during the draw cycle, making any draw weight seem lighter than what the scale reads. Also, CrossCentric Cams kick out at full draw to open the bowstring angle and help this 30-inch bow feel 2 to 3 inches longer, increasing forgiveness and better peep placement. Meanwhile, the CrossCentric dual string-stop system creates a solid rear wall and consistent arrow speeds.

The Avail includes a Dual Bridge Riser that provides an extra-stiff, stable shooting platform while minimizing mass. This bow’s riser has a bit of reflex, setting the Flatback Grip slightly behind the limbs’ pivot points, but the bow remains stable and well-balanced because of its long-riser and short-limb configuration. The Avail’s pivoting one-piece-milled limb pockets are set on a wide base to shift balance rearward while anchoring the bow’s slim-profile split limbs. In addition, integrated mounting slots milled into the riser accommodate Mathews’ quivers and the lower riser holds two steel stabilizer mounts.

The Avail features an array of silencing technologies including an integral Harmonic Damper above and Harmonic Stabilizer Lite below, which are set in rubber webs beneath each limb pocket. Mathews’ Avail also includes a carbon-rod-mounted rubber-bumper string stop, and proven Reverse Roller Guard system mounted on a carbon rod. On release, the Avail creates merely a dull thump.

The Avail’s compact 30-inch axle-to-axle specs make it ideal for treestand vigils or a cramped popup blind. Its sub-4-pound mass also makes it a great companion when logging long miles in rough-and-tumble terrain. With little tuning and sighting, this bow easily shot fist-sized groups at 20 and 30 yards.

To learn more, please visit Mathews Archery’s Website.