2280392Uniontown, PA – It was another commanding victory for 9-time ASA Shooter of the Year, Levi Morgan, at the recent ASA event at Metropolis, held June 24-26, making it two ASA victories in a row and an impressive three ASA tournament wins for the 2016 season. Coming into Metropolis, Morgan set his sights not only on the tournament win, itself, but also on picking up points toward the ASA Shooter of the Year title, for which he was 9 points back from the leader after the London, KY event. The current win at Metropolis now puts him in the lead for Shooter of the Year by 9 points with one ASA event remaining. Morgan is currently aiming for his 10th ASA Shooter of the Year title in row.

After briefly taking some time away from the sport with his wife, Samantha, Morgan found renewed determination and excitement to jump back into the tournament circuit. Secure in how his equipment had been performing and having put his time in on the range at home, Morgan came to Metropolis with the confidence to be aggressive right out of the gate.

“You can be shooting your bow great, which I feel like I have been all season, but if you don’t have the other aspects working, as well, you’re just not going to win out here,” said Morgan. “So much of this sport is mental, you really have to have come in with the right attitude and game plan; you have to feel you’ve put the work in ahead of the tournament. I came into Metropolis feeling confident I’d put the work in and if I won, it’s because I’d earned it.”

And earned it he did. Morgan put up and impressive 222 in his first round, with 11 12’s, 10 10’s and no 8’s. It was an aggressive approach that gave him an 11-point lead over his nearest competitor heading into the event’s second round.

“I knew the original strategy to be aggressive had paid off after the first round and I’d put myself in a position where I really didn’t need to take risks in the second round,” said Morgan. “But I wasn’t going to put the foot on the brake, either, unless the situation called for it. I was just going to shoot smart and that’s what I did.”

At the ASA outdoor 3-D event, Pro Division contestants shoot two rounds of twenty targets from unmarked distances that vary in distance up to 50 yards. The five highest scores from the first two rounds qualify for the shoot-off to decide the winner.

Morgan posted a 210 for his second round, with 6 12’s. All told, Morgan finished with a two round total of 432 and 17 12’s, which gave him an impressive 18-point lead heading into the final shoot down for the win. Morgan actually picked up additional points during the shoot down, even calling a 14 on his last target, which he hit, to end at 488 and +19 for the win; an astounding 22 points ahead of the nearest competitor.

“Right now, I feel that fire again, like I did when I first started in the sport,” said Morgan. “It’s a huge rush to win and it still gets me excited to come out and compete against the best in the sport. If I keep working hard and keep the confidence I have right now, I know the wins will keep coming.”

ABOUT LEVI MORGAN: World renowned archer, Levi Morgan, is a 11x World Champion, 48x National Champion, 12x Shooter of the Year and has won the ASA Shooter of the Year title a record setting 9x in a row. He is the Host of the popular hunting show, Name The Game, which airs on the Sportsman Channel. For more information on Levi Morgan, please visit NameTheGameTV.com.

BOW: Elite Victory 37
ARROWS: Gold Tip Triple X with Q2i Raptor vanes, 150 grain heads
REST: QAD HDX Tournament Prototype
SIGHT: CBE Vertex, 4x lens, .015 fiber
RELEASE: SCOTT Longhorn Pro Advantage
PEEP: Peeping Tom