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In 1987, Judi Collora purchased a whitetail fawn for her husband Sam who harvested what is known as The Collora Buck. The buck was the highest scoring typical ever harvested with a bow. The purpose was to use this as a reference for Sam’s whitetail taxidermy work. 

The herd grew enormously, but the Collora’s grew frustrated with poor results using the lures on the market. They began collecting fresh urine uncomprimised by preservatives, which worked excellently. 

In 1990, Sam engineered and built a stainless steel flooring system in his deer barn to enhance the collection process. In 1991, Sam and Judi began selling their pure, undiluted whitetail urine to hunters across the United States. It was a tremendous success. 

Those who used the Collora lure reported seeing more deer and an increase in successful hunts. As satisfied costumers grew, so did dealer demand. They began working with the University of Iowa Pharmaceutical Dept. to develop a Freeze Dried process that allowed their urine to be stored easily with all of its potency, on dealer shelves. Mrs. Doe Pee’s Freeze Dried Lures were then introduced in 1995. The result was a resounding success.

“The fresh lures allow nature to do its job in the field. By keeping each bottle fresh, our lures maintain the original pheromones in the urine to preserve the true integrity and quality of the product. We simply take what nature provides, and do not mess it up. As hunters ourselves, we yearn to produce quality products that we use in order to gain the Mrs, Doe Pee’s advantage from each bottle. We lure, you hunt,” stated Sam Collora.

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