Calgary, Alberta, the largest city in the province of Alberta and fifth largest city in all of Canada, will be opening its borders to the National Archery in the Schools Programs (NASP), All-Star Team Championship this July 9-11. Situated on the Bow River and 80 kilometers (approximately 50 miles) from the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Calgary is home to the one of the largest rodeos in the world, The Calgary Stampede. NASP archers who hail from The United States, Canada, South Africa, and Namibia will be able to attend, “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”, as the rodeo has billed itself, the day before they compete in one of the most elite archery tournaments in NASP.

The NASP All-Star Championship has been held twice before in South Africa and two times in the United States.  All-Star Teams are comprised of the top sixteen NASP student archers from each country. Most countries, including the United States, identify their top archers during their respective national tournaments.  Canadian and South African participants also have Development Teams, a group of younger student archers who will simultaneously be competing among themselves. Those hailing from the United States are: Dalton Hinkle (KY), Ally Nordell (MO), Donald Holupka (MO), Cole Murphy (KY), Caleb Thornton (AL), Holly Snow (KY), Jerod Aycox (OK), Rachel Hatfield (MI), Mathew Harper (OH), Tashaun Moore (PA), Justin Miller (MI), Joshua Smith (KY), T Sanchez (KY), Matthew Monroe (OK), Paige Emig (IA), Cord Weaver (GA), and Dorothy Cobb (TX).

The All-Star Competition will be held over a 3-day period, July 9-11. On day one, every participant will shoot three rounds of bulls-eye. Day one will determine individual standings in bulls-eye for both all-stars and developmental archers. On day two, the top three teams from day 1, will compete for champion and runner-up honors. Once this has been determined, the range will be converted to 3-D, and all archers will participate in round one. On day three, the final two rounds of the 3-D competition will conclude. Combined scores from the three rounds of 3-D will determine team and individual standings for the all-star teams and individual developmental archers. Day three will finish with the award ceremony! Team awards will include the All Nation All-Star Champion Team (1st place), 2nd place, and 3rd place. All-star individual awards will go to the top five male and top five females. In addition, Developmental Archer awards will be presented to the top five male and top five females.

After the competition and awards ceremony have concluded, there are many extracurricular activities that archers, along with their friends and family can participate in. Some will experience the Calgary Stampede and Festivals, while others might want to make a trip an hour west to visit Banff National Park, Canada’s oldest national park that was established in 1885 and is situated in the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains. Callaway Park and Kananaski’s Provincial Park are a few other outdoor locations they might venture to while visiting Calgary.

Photo Credit: Mike Ridewood

NASP congratulates the archers who have put forth so much dedication and hard work throughout the year. Their investment has allowed them to be able to compete in this prestigious competition. To everyone traveling in July, please be safe and good luck in the tournament! As always, for more information regarding NASP and its tournaments, please visit NASP’s website.

Written by Brittany J. Jones of NASP.