Hunter’s Specialties has added four new electronic call models to its Johnny Stewart Attractor Caller line.

Each call features five pre-programmed, 16-bit authentic Johnny Stewart sounds. The 30-second sounds can be played on a loop, and each call can be operated with a hand-held remote with a range of up to 50 yards.

The PT-3 includes baby cottontail, lip squeak, rodent squeaks, meadowlark, and coyote whimper sounds.

The PT-4 features desperate cries of a cottontail, coy wolf bark/howls, coyote pup distress, fawn bleating, and “Vittles a la Jackrabbit” sounds.

The TT-2 includes cluck and purr, cutting, excited hen yelp, locator gobble, and soft hen yelp sounds.

The DT-2’s sounds include buck grunt, doe bleat, estrus bleat, rattling, and snort wheeze sounds.

For more information, visit Hunter’s Specialties’s website.


The new Hunter's Specialties TT-2 model.

The new Hunter’s Specialties TT-2 model.