Unlike America’s current practice of sourcing parts overseas to save production costs, Parker Bows prefers to manufacture and assemble their bows using local labor at Parker’s Staunton, Virginia, facility. While Parker’s bows might not be the least expensive, they’re among the most well-made crossbows. When building its latest crossbow, the Tornado XXTreme, The XXT is a robust and full-sized crossbow. Parker’s new ultra-powerful crossbow is solid, safe and, most of all, quiet despite its tremendous energy.

The Tornado is 34 inches long, and features a 15.375-inch powerstroke and 165-pound draw weight. It accomplishes that short powerstroke with its Inverted Cam technology, wherein the cams sit upside-down on their axles so the string comes off their front edge, not the rear. it features only upsides while sacrificing nothing in its draw cycle or total length. That increased powerstroke, combined with Parker’s oversized HP Synergy Cams, is touted to produce 365 fps with 400-grain arrows.

The XXT shoots vibration-free, despite producing 118 foot-pounds of kinetic energy, and its 96.3 decibel reading is one of the lowest I’ve recorded for crossbows. That quiet performance in this bow results from several factors, including quality parts, smooth draw cycle, and superior engineering and assembly. Parker’s engineers optimized their time developing the HP Synergy Cams on this crossbow to maximize its power curve which makes it uber-aggressive while remaining surprisingly smooth to draw.

Parker’s Tornado XXT weighs 8.9 pounds and features a 20.6-inch axle-to-axle length. This bow is 18 inches while cocked, and 26.25 inches from cam edge to cam edge. I also credit the XXT’s fast, quiet performance to its quality parts, such as CNC-machined barrel, robust riser and limb pockets, dual string stoppers, and heavy split limbs, which withstand shot-after-shot wear with minimal vibration.

In my view, Parker offers the industry’s best safety for bows. It’s located on the rear of the receiver on the crossbow so it’s ambidextrous, and its simple up (red/fire) and down (green/ safe) toggle looks and feels like a standard light switch. The bow also features an anti-dryfire device (I accidentally confirmed that it works), and a safety finger flange molded into its polymer stock.

Parker probably makes the crossbow world’s best accessories: the Red Hot brand. The Tornado XXT features most of these accessories straight from the factory or with a packaged upgrade. The scope attaches to the barrel/riser assembly, and gets boresighted at the factory. The crossbow does not come with a rope cocker, but Red Hot offers a good one in its EZ Roller, which greatly reduces pull weight.

The Tornado XXT solidifies Parker’s place among the industry’s best crossbows. If you shoot it, you’ll hear, feel and see that fact for yourself when quietly stacking your arrows into the 10-ring.

To learn more, please visit Parker Bow’s Website for more information.