Finger Saver XL

Finger Savers XL are made of a strong yet soft material that allows the shooter to shoot without using a finger tab or release. Wrap your fingers around the Finger Saver XL below your nocking point and you’ll be ready to shoot.

These are great for bowfishing! When you’re trying to put more fish in the boat, Finger Savers XL are the answer.

Finger Savers XL allow you to take faster and more accurate shots and are easy to install, plus they are the perfect size for adult shooters.

  • Soft strong material
  • 10 colors to match bow, string & accessories
  • Larger size for adult shooters
  • Great alternative for glove shooters
  • Great for traditional shooter
  • Slide onto string over loop for easy installation
  • Great for bowfishing

Z-38 Peep Sight

The Z-38 Peep sight is precision machined from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum and is polished to insure there are no burrs or edges left to damage your string.

At 38 degrees, the peep provides an ideal angle at full draw for the archer.  Our serving channel also allows the peep to be properly served to keep the peep in the string as well as not allowing it to move over time.

Kwik Stand Bow Support

The Kwik Stand Bow Support solves all the issues archers have with current bow stands on the market.  With very simple adjustments, the Kwik Stand will fit on most bows limbs, even the wide limbs that others will not.  The legs adjust as well to allow for the best balance angle for your bow.  With the new colors, you can match almost any accessory you have!

Now available in 10 new colors for 2018!

Learn more at or visit them at the 2018 ATA Trade Show, booth #1341.