Precision Peeps blue and purple peepsPress Release from Parker, Colorado

Precision Peeps recently announced they are adding two new color options to their 2017 line up that will be launched at the 2017ATA show. In addition to the Green, Red, and Orange currently offered, Precision Peeps is adding both Blue and Fire Fuchsia.

“Customers have been asking us for months to expand the line, and we are excited to offer these colors to better meet consumer demand,” stated CEO Bas Wolf. “There really doesn’t seem like a better venue to showcase our expanded line-up than at ATA. The atmosphere is incredible.”

“After researching different bow accessories and those color offerings, assessing customer feedback, and hearing from our Pro Staff, we decided to offer Precision Blue and Fire Fuchsia,” stated Director of Marketing & Sales, Kristen Wolf.

Why Fire Fuchsia? “We wanted to make sure that we were valuing women in archery as a growing force, but we also wanted a vibrant color that can easily match both pink and purple accessories. This is definitely it,” said Wolf.

Precision Peep Sight Features:

· Center post gives accurate reference point
· Center post aides in faster target acquisition
· Post corrects common alignment mistakes
· 2.3 mm post blurs to be seen as a reference, but also seen through
· 5/16″ aperture allows for a clear field of view
· 7000 series aluminum for lightweight strength

To find out more information about Precision Peep Sights, please visit the Precision Peeps website or call Kristen Wolf at 970-389-6956.

Precision Peeps LLC, was founded in 2013 by CEO, Bas Wolf. The Precision Peep Sight features a post which customers have found aides in faster target acquisition and tighter groupings, especially at longer distances. Patent pending.

Contact Information:

Precision Peeps website
Kristen Wolf
Phone: 970-389-6956