Patrick Durkin – Editor


Patrick Meitin – Senior Editor

Inside Archery restructured its editorial team May 1 by promoting Patrick Durkin of Wisconsin from senior editor to editor, and naming Patrick Meitin of Idaho as senior editor.

Durkin and Meitin will work with Lauren Molenburg, who will continue as managing editor at Zebra Publication’s home office in Colorado Springs. Darron McDougal will continue to work with Inside Archery as a regular contributor.

Sherry Krenz, publisher and founder of Zebra Publishing and Inside Archery, announced the appointments, saying Durkin and Meitin provide the most veteran editorial leadership she’s worked with since her husband, Bill Krenz, died suddenly Dec. 13, 2010.

“We’re extremely proud and pleased to have ‘the two Patricks’ on our team,” Krenz said. “Patrick Durkin and I have known each other nearly 25 years in this industry, and Patrick Meitin has been one of my favorite bowhunting writers for nearly as long. They’re both dedicated craftsmen who take pride in their work, and they bring decades of credibility and passion to our publication. I’m confident Inside Archery readers will like what they see from these guys.”

Krenz said her new team increases Inside Archery’s depth and breadth. “With Durkin and Meitin in place, and Darron McDougal staying on as a regular contributor, and Jeff Johnston providing expert reviews on crossbows, we have an editorial powerhouse covering the archery and bowhunting industry,” Krenz said.

Krenz said Durkin will continue writing the cover stories and the new “Inside Retailing” column, which appears in all 10 issues of Inside Archery. In addition, she and Durkin will plan the magazine’s editorial calendar.

Meitin will write the “Dealer School” department, and review new bows in the “Bow Reports” department. He will also write at least one feature article for each issue of Inside Archery, and post regular online exclusives on the Inside Archery website, www.insidearchery.com.

“It’s good to have Patrick Meitin back on our team,” Krenz said. “He wrote often for Inside Archery and Bowhunt America between 2002 and 2005, and Bill always liked and respected his work. He’s not only a hardcore bowhunter, but also a highly skilled bow technician. We’re fortunate to have someone with such broad expertise on our staff.”

Durkin, 59, took his first deer with a recurve bow in 1973 at age 17. He is a full-time freelance journalist, and will continue serving as a contributing writer/editor for the Archery Trade Association – a post he has held since September 2001. He previously worked as editor of Deer & Deer Hunting for 11 years; and before that worked full time from 1983 through 1990 as an editor, columnist, reporter and copy editor at the Oshkosh Northwestern newspaper in east-central Wisconsin.

Durkin also writes weekly and bi-weekly outdoors columns for nine Wisconsin newspapers, an assignment he’s met without interruption for 25 years. His columns frequently win first-place honors in the Wisconsin Newspaper Association’s annual contest. He lives with his wife, Penny, in Waupaca, Wisconsin, where he works from his home office. He and his wife have three adult daughters: Leah, Elle and Karsyn; and one granddaughter.

Meitin, 50, took his first deer with a recurve bow in 1979 at age 14, and he has been an outdoor writer and photographer since 1988. He has long specialized in archery and bowhunting, and his articles appear often in several hunting and bowhunting magazines. He has also written two books, “Bowhunting Modern Elk” and “The Bowhunter’s Guide to Better Shooting.”

Meitin is an ambidextrous archer, and is equally comfortable shooting recurves or compounds. He also knows his way around bow presses, chronographs, and archery lanes. As a bowhunter, Meitin enjoys stalking carp and bullfrogs, but is better known for his prowess on elk and whitetails. His bowhunts for whitetails have taken him across North America. He has killed several record-book-quality bucks, two of which are Coues whitetails of Boone-and-Crockett proportions.

Besides tagging some big pronghorns, black bears, mule deer, and Columbia and Sitka blacktails, Meitin has arrowed moose, caribou, muskoxen, brown bear and mountain goat. He has also made nine bowhunting trips to Africa.

Meitin spent most of his life in New Mexico, where he lived and guided for 23 years across the Southwest. He now lives in northern Idaho with his wife, Gwyn Zetah-Meitin, and their Labrador retriever, Napoleon.