PSE Archery introduces two new compound bows within the Vapor Series as part of the impressive 2018 product lineup: the Xpedite and the Carbon Air Stealth EF.

Built for speed and power, these high-performance bows are powered by PSE’s Evolve Cam System and FL module to maintain intensity and establish ease.

“The Xpedite and Carbon Air Stealth EF go above and beyond to achieve powerful speed without compromising comfort,” said Blake Shelby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for PSE Archery. “We are known as the innovators of bow technologies, and these two new bows showcase our dedication to developing premium bow designs. The features on both the Xpedite and the Stealth combine to create stellar bows that will help archers achieve their goals.”

PSE has deemed the Carbon Air Stealth as the most advanced carbon bow ever made. Designed for speed and comfort, the Stealth boasts a lethal 350 fps with up to 75% let-off. The bow also features PSE’s new precision Flex Rod System, titanium hardware and ultra-premium LiveWire strings. The stronger monocoque carbon riser solidifies performance without adding extra weight.

The Xpedite is engineered on a radically redesigned reflex riser to achieve greater speeds. The bow shoots at a blazing 360 fps with an unbelievably smooth draw and hold.

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