Quick Sight “Elite”

  • Easily adjust to your shooting
  • Adjust for twist or stretch of
  • Install and swap between bows in seconds!

The Quick Sight “Elite” is a totally adjustable rear-sight mounted to the bowstring, this advanced sight lets you customize and adjust to your unique style of shooting. Permanently installed peep style string sights are locked in place where string twist and/or creep can affect accuracy. With  The Quick Sight “Elite” any archer can adjust both the forward sight pin and the rear eye alignment for significantly greater accuracy without bow contracting or string twisting to correct the issue of accuracy. Unlike permanently installed peep style string sights, The Quick Sight “Elite” installs in seconds and adjustments can be made at home or in the field quickly and easily—without removing the string!

The Quick Sight “Elite” is multi-lateral as it accommodates either a left or right hand archer. It’s proudly made in the USA with a suggested retail price of $11.95 and ships from Rifton, N.Y.

For additional information or to purchase the The Quick Sight “Elite” line of products, please visit our website at www.archersight.com or call 845-658-8557.

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