QuietKat Warrior 1000

QuietKat is dedicated to the trends of the Outdoor Recreation Industry.  The company’s primary emphasis is accessing the great outdoors with Low Speed Electric Vehicles (LSEV).  QuietKat’s most focused groups are outdoorsmen and recreationalists (hunt / fish / camp/ explore) who desire voyaging deep into the back woods.  We are the “Jeep Wrangler” of E-bikes.

QuietKat solves the time commitment issue of rural access in a fun and electrifying manner for the young and the old.  We make the backcountry and the back-forty more accessible by aligning with the tendencies and demographics of today’s environment.  Millennials are conscious of their environmental impact and prefer E-bike usage over utilizing obtrusive gas-powered vehicles. By 2020, the baby boomer demographic will constitute 30 percent of the population in United States. To remain active and pursue their passions, most of the boomers will need to utilize low-impact electric assist products such as QuietKat.

The United States has more public land and outdoor recreational use than anywhere else in the world, and the QuietKat Company aligns with the outdoor lifestyle by creating robust, exciting, efficient, reliable and economical products that work.  QuietKat’s synergistic role with outdoor recreation aims to provide value to the industry in a low impact and non-obtrusive manner.

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