Kansas Record Bigmouth Buffalo Landed with Fin-Finder Sand Shark Recurve
Record Bigmouth Buffalo caught with Fin-Finder recurve

Republican River/Milford Lake, Kansas — Fin-Finder is proud to announce that with help from his Fin-Finder Sand Shark recurve, bowfisherman David Barnes shot a new Kansas State record Buffalo Bigmouth, weighing in at 62 pounds and measuring 43 inches.

Barnes, of Wamego, KS reports, “I was catfishing where the Republican River comes into Milford Lake on May 21, 2016. The carp and buffalo were spawning along the weed lines and the catfish were feeding on the eggs. My Sand Shark takes down and fits into an old folding chair bag, making it easy to carry and store in the boat. I got the bow out when I started seeing some Big Buffalo come along the bank, and figured I could get some ribs to grill. The first time the record fish came by, there were three males with her, and I hit a 45-lb. male beside her. About 30 minutes later, she came back with one male and I was able to get a 25-yard shot.”

In addition to finding the Sand Shark’s three-piece takedown design useful, Barnes said “I like a recurve for bow fishing as you can control how hard you shoot better. For close shots and small fish, [you] just pull back half way, or come back to full draw for big fish or long shots. The Sand Shark is a very good bow, a pleasure to shoot and easy to carry.”

Check out a photo of Barnes and his Bighead Buffalo here.

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